[Archive] What to do with the miner musician?

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Alright, I normaly play dwarfs and when I got bfsp I had a use for everything in my dwarf army, I used the thunderers champ as engineer, the miner standard as my bsb, and the other thunderer command stuff as a standard and mus in my warrior regiments.

However, I have no use at all for the miner musician and champion, so I was thinking, is it possible to convert them into cd heroes or something else.

I think the miner champ could make an interesting cd heroe, however I don’t no what to do with the musician however.

Please give me ideas Hashut (other members)

Also what could i do with the king’s wall terrain in bfsp? I was thinking either unit filler or something that counts as five bbs.

Kera foehunter:

the minner champion i would make a deamon hunter.take away the pick and add a gun and some stakes for vampier hunting the minner musician i would make the horn in to a jet pack. by cutting the horn off and turning it up side down and putting it in the middle of the back.

don’t know if they be chaosy but make a cool dwarf army stuff

the kings wall would make cool bullets for a earth shaker cannon


Well, my old fridge freezer, i can show you what i’ve done with them. Maybe it’ll give you some ideas.

Firstly, the miner champ. I just use him as a GW armed CD, but i think a backbanner, a severed orc/human head instead of the lantern, and maybe a weapon swap could help him be more distinguished. If your any good at free hand, i’d suggest sculpting a cloak and doing some dawi zhar iconography on it. Anything to make him stand out more (note: eyes have been painted(ms) as the flash washed them out to grey, gave him an undead feel shrug) :

Second, the musician. Again, i just use him as a mucisian for the same regiment but with the addition of GS flame and plastic skulls/daemon faces mixed in, you could have a CD armed with a daemonbound spell machine (sorceror). If GS isn’t your bag, flames are easy enough and now the plastic daemons are out you’ve never had it so good with scary faces:

And lastly, whilst some (i think Ishkur perhaps) use it to litter the base of say their hellcannon/earthshaker. I think they look pretty spiffy as the ammo for the shaker itself:

edit didn’t read it before posting, but Kera’s beaten me to the punch on idea 3 :frowning:

Hope that helps fella, apologies for the shoddy (hastily taken) photos

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Yeah thank you both, the champ will probably be a sorcerer or something. And the musician will probably just be a cd musician.

As for the king’s wall I may just use it for my dwarf tank, oh yeah that’s right, I’m making a dwarf tank.


I just converted them in the same way as the rest of my miners. Incidentally, if you have a spare weapon the miner standard bearer works great as a normal trooper


just used the miner champ and musician as champ and musician for my CD warriors with greatweapons, like the rest of the miners from the bfsp box

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

I’m juat going to use the miner champ as a sorcerer and the musician will just be a regular musician.  

  I really don’t like great weapons that much.


What are you gonna do with the other miners?

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

I used them in my regular dwarf army, I usually don’t convert much, usually either sculpting or using big hat models.

However, I have no need for the miner champ and musician, so I had this great idea to use them as heroes or something my cd army.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Off the top of my head (Sorry, it’s very late here), no ideas for the characters, but the wall could go in front of blunderbussers (counts as) to bulk out the unit. it’d look like the Brettonian Peasant archers a little bit…


I know what you should do with your miner…wait until he’s 18! laughs at his own joke

But seriously, you could probably turn his horn into some type of magical slave-hunting horn. That’d look pretty cool I think. Heck, he could even count as a sorceror as the horn would give him the power to call upon Hashut to cast spells for him.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Is it not possible to merely Chaos Dwarfify him and use him as a musician? You could lengthen the horn forwards and use it as a Blunderbusser (probably a champion :smiley: ), which would look quite cool.