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Recently i’ve had some trouble keeping up my drawing due to two factors. One, it’s finals time. Second, I have no idea what to draw. So I turn to you of Chaos Dwarfs Online to help me make a list of what to draw. I’ve only got two things on the list and would like more.

1. Stuff for Woh.

2. Menace from Queens Blade.

And thats all. I’ll take almost any suggestions except dinosaurs(have had plenty of practice, trust me). More or less specific human beings would be help me a lot.



they can be preaty hard to draw,it’s good to practice on things that is hard to draw like a lammasu or bullcentaurs


a big project mayby? like you make an entire army one soldier (all in one A3)at a time in nice detail. that should be pretty good pracrice. :slight_smile:


Bullcentaursand Lammasus are part of the WOH stuff.

And could you explain that a little more jolpis.


Drop back into the basics, like life studies. It helps to let the mind wander.


okey my idea is that you decide to paint an army grab a big paper and paint the soldiers 1 at a time in good detail. so when you have the entire army done you can look at it and think. about all the details and many otherthings! (aim talking about a big painting that will take a couple of weeks (or months) to complete. that would be awsome! (im not saying just paint soldiers. siege weapons ,generals standar bearers, chained beasts(if your theme allows that), dioramas and other differant weaponry and armor on the soldiers ofcorse! that would be awsome! =)

(i gotta try it out to now:cheers)


Draw Ator, The Fighting Eagle… he’s a bad dude.


Draw me

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What’s woh ?

As for drawing, if you live in a pretty city, you could draw buildings. I like buildings :slight_smile:

I would personnally go into a museum and draw statues and paintings, but I know my case is special as here museums are free for me until I am 25, and I can easily understand not everyone have this luck.

(And if you want to draw human figures, do pirates :yar )

Will you show us the drawings ?

Kera foehunter:

draw Dave - man

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