[Archive] What to use for Arbites?


Ok so I need to figure out how I want to make my arbites and possibly even stormtroopers to make them more witch hunter ish

So my ideas are -

Regular Storm troopers

necromunda arbites (i think thats what they are called)

Vostroyan firstborn (with their hats slightly fixed, or maybe stay the same. but for sure some conversions)

Something else entirely? (just post what ever else you think)

I am leaning right now atleast for arbites using vostroyan and converting them to have shots guns… cause that is what arbites have:)

Captain Crayon:

Necromunda enforcers says i…

because they’re awesome. Or even the old ones if you can get your hands on them :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

Space Marine Scout bodies with Cadian heads. Green stuff some visors or just use a bit of card.


Adeptus Arbites were my first 40k army… i used a mix of the Judges from necromunda for the characters and proctors. all the others were based on the pewter cadians… i simply added green stuff to get the correct arm and knee pads… and kept the normal helmets. turned out good… I so wish that the Arbites in Witchhunters got the Arbites Shotgun with the executioner rounds…


you said you wanted to go on the cheap right? I’d get some IG Cadians and convert them. perhaps lengthen the barrel or add a smallish batterpack to the lasgun to make it a hotshot variant. you can also get some space marine scouts (plastic as well) and use the shotguns from them etc…


id take necromunda enforcers, because the models look absolutely fab.

they need a bit work work to make the weapons fit (as with most secialist games figures they arent as straightforward as the main systems, they need a bit of tweaking).

but the end result is b-e-a-yootiful.

both the first gen & second generation arbite models were nice, but there were very few poses available, so an army of said figures looks very boring, id take the 3rd gen enforcers everytime.

i have an arbites list somewhere on my pc at home that i got off a fansite which i use (with my opponents permission of course), has arbite squads as troopers, shock troopers as elites, cavalry / bike mounted squads  and a dog section as fast attack and the arbite HQ works like an inquisitor without psychic powers, so his retuniue pump his stats. even includes an ogryn bodyguard as an option, if i can find it i will send you a copy if you like, its very well written and perfoms well in game.


I’ve always loved the arbite models. I have some old ones with combat shotguns, and one with a grenade launcher. If you can cast the head, I’d use that combined with the plastic kit of your choice.

Also, check out these links:


you’ve gotta go with the necromunda enforcers. they look so good! I prefer the original arbites myself, but they are hard to find and expensive I’d imagine


I’m partial to Vostroyans, simply because I have an army of these myself!

The snipers look SWEET.

Father Grumpmas:

The enforcers are great but expensive.

Marine Scouts with Cadian heads would be the cheaper option.

I’ve head rumours of plastic storm troopers when the new Imperial Guard Codex is released but don’t know how solid that rumour is. They could be fun to convert if they appear.

A friend of mine is using these "guys’ from Shadowforge miniatures as stormtroopers for his sisters of battle army - cute figures but probably too para-military if you want a pure Arbite look

Wargames Foundry still does Judge Dread figures

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Wow! Those girls look like they belong to another army! Deuchland!


Ah, much of the early IG were very Nazi/Russian in style. Why do the women look like they have moustaches though?


I’d say convert your own from the plastic Cadians and GS. All 3 of your options sound 3times (at least) as expensive as this option, and with some filing and trimming they look great (as seen in Xander’s Links)

If you want double barrelled, pump action shotguns then try and find the plastic orlock/goliath figures that came with the starter set, or hunt around for some from the Gorka Morka plastics


Ah, much of the early IG were very Nazi/Russian in style. Why do the women look like they have moustaches though?

They look like they have fish mouth to me.. I expect to see gills on their necks..


I think the necromunda enforcers are your best bet, a mate of mine uses them for his sisters army and they really work well