[Archive] What WF CD models have you bought?


I’m curious to see what people have bought now that most of the warmachines etc have been out a while.


One of each, except for the siege giant and the infernal guard hand weapon guys. I’m using Titan Wargames’ troops for those, and I figured my normal giant will work for a siege giant in a pinch. :wink:

Pyro Stick:

Ive only bought the infernal guard with hand weapons and the hellsmith. Im still waiting on those footed characters for my next purchase.


bought and painted the id, mc and a large unit of fireglaives (grmblsuckyrulesgrmblhmpf) as well as a hellsmith… planning to buy ridden taurus, sorcerer on foot and skullcracker, maybe dqm this year… we will see if it all fits into my financial and WF’s release plan.

didn’t want to buy skullcracker at all, since i already have id which fits my style better… then i saw pics of the crew and i instantly fell in love! they’re so cuddly! :))


Only the Hellsmith as the IG don’t attract me, I will defiantly get the characters with big hats bit im waiting for grims evil dwarfs to fill in the ranks.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Only the Hellsmith (not yet received), but now that I’m employed - I will start having money to get some!


I just ordered one of everything (not the siege giant). Will def. buy the ridden taurus and the skull cracker, too. (There goes the next vacation in Italy…)


I have:

1 Hellsmith

1 Iron Daemon

1 Dreadquake Mortar

1 Deathshrieker Rocket

1 Magma Cannon

50 Infernal Guard (20 with Hand Weapons, 30 with Fireglaives)

2 Infernal Guard Command

… so far.


10 fireglaives + command group and the iron daemon. Plan on getting the ridden Taurus, skullcracker, dreadquake and a couple of characters too when funds allow!


I have

20 Infernal Guard with Fire Glaves

20 Infernal Guard with HW&S

1 Command Group

1 Hellsmith

1 Iron Daemon

I hope to make the Magma Cannon my next purchase along with the sorcerer on Bale Taurus when it’s released.




40 infernal guard with hand weapon+shield

1 Infernal guard command

2 Hellsmiths

1 Iron Daemon

1 Dreadquake Cannon

1 Deathshriker Rocket

1 Magma Cannon

And getting a TON more soon!


I’ve got the Iron Daemon, Magma Cannon and Death shrieker

Death shrieker was a pain to assemble for me, because I’ve chopped it up a bit.  Otherwise it would have been quite easy.

I plan to get the mortar and ashen ridden taurus eventually, once I’ve painted up my warmachines.  So probably next year.

I like certain parts of the Infernal Guard, but I just don’t think I can convert them to look how I want. :frowning:

Ugly Green Trog:

I have so far just 10 IG w/ FC

the Hellsmith and a deathshrieker I am planning on building my own DQM as I find the WF to be too big and too expensive.


I’m yet to invest in any of the Forge World miniatures. I’m really not sure about them, to be honest. I really like the huge mortar with the ogre loader, so I’ll probably buy that; but the rest doesn’t really do it for me at all. I’d also like to hear from people who have got stuff already regarding the quality of the stuff, as I know people who’ve had to send stuff back because of poor casting far more often than they should have.


Have 20 fireglaives

60 warriors

3 commands

Magma cannon

Iron demon

Thinking of using moria goblins as hobgoblins, going to convert up a hell cannon from the ogre thunder cannon kit. Not sure on the fire elementals yet though

Thommy H:


10 IG with HW/S, 10 with glaive plus command.

Iron Daemon


As soon as they become available i’ll get the Book, Taurus with rider, skullcracker and heroes.

I’ll pick up the artillery once i’ve caught up with my painting backlog.


Maybe I’m the exception, but so far I haven’t bought any. I’ll probably buy the book and once I’ve read the list it contains then I might think about it. If I don’t think much of the list I will happily continue to use the Ravening Hordes one. If I prefer the new list I might think about the Iron Daemon and some of the cars. I doubt that I’ll buy any of the more basic stuff. It’s very expensive, and I don’t really see the point of buying them when I already have my Big Hats (Not a knock at WF prices you understand, it just seems silly to replace perfectly good models for no good reason).

Ghrask Dragh:

I only have the command, would have alot more if I had the chance though. I’ve also got my eye on that Taurus with Ashen fella, awesome…


I have 20 Infernal Guard with Fireglaives and their command squad. I also have a Hellsmith ordered.

I’m waiting on the characters on foot to be released and the mounted Bale Taurus for my next purchases.