[Archive] What works in a 1000 points Chaos Dwarf army?


I am thinking of running a chaos dwarf army with 3 blocks of 20 Chaos Dwarfs with a Chaos Dwarf sorcerer, a Chaos Dwarf hero, an earthshaker, and a death rocket. Will this work?

I ran this sort of thing with a dwarf army but with a thane, a master engineer and a organ gun and cannon. It worked well in defensive and offensive. But will the Chaos Dwarfs run the same? If not what do you suggest?


well its a very dwarfy list… almost themeically so…

i’d drop one warrior block for a unit of 25 orc boyz w/shields and full command and a unit of 25 nekkid hobgoblins…

i’d also drop the deathrocket for a pair of bolthrowers…

embrace the green itz what seperates us from the righteous…

baba yaga:

have some blunderbusses too they allow you to dictate the course of battle more easily, otherwise you are just waiting until your opponent outmanouvers and charges you.


Ya, a unit of BBs is always fun. :wink:


I agree with Baba yaga, too many dwarf players just put down large blocks of infantry and wait to be charged