[Archive] Whats better than a ninja?


A Chaos Ninja Dwarf!

Hey guys, I managed to get into gear and decided to get around sorting out my army. Having a brisk look through old model catalogues were I came across the Chaos Ninja Zombie Dwarf. I found the concept so funny that I decided to make a bunch of Chaos Ninja Dwarfs :smiley:

Here is the first ninja of the thread

The legs and arms are from the Skaven sprue from Mordhiem, the head and body are from an Empire Militiaman whilst the hat was from a Dwarf Thunderer Buckler

So what do you guys think? :hat off

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



>chuckles< now that dear sir is simply inspirational! Chaos Dwarf Ninja’s sounds like something that could be taken far if you have a whole unit of them - how do you plan to represent them on the battlefield though rules wise? I particularly like the hat, it really brings the conversion out and makes it clear that this is not your normal Dawi Zharr!

However, for myself I would have to say that pirates may just JUST be better than ninja’s for one reason - I have NEVER heard of a ninja with a beer barrel… :o What more can I say? :cheers

Top stuff - keep it up


Thanks :smiley:

Im planning of having a reasonable sized unit of these (possibly about 12-15 with full command). As for the rules, Im planning on using them as an unit of standard Chaos Dwarf Warriors, within my normal dwarf army however, i’ll treat them as either miners or as rangers.


Yeah but whoever heard of a pirate flipping out? :slight_smile:


Well Baggronor you may be right - perhaps we can design a sort of hybrid thing with the stealthy characterstics and smooth movement of a ninja with the swagger and flamboyance of a pirate - we could call them “Plinja’s” :slight_smile:

Sorry, too much caffeine gives this Panda strange ideas - and I have just noticed Hellfire’s signature >gulps<  perhaps I should invest in some armour for this forum :slight_smile:

Joking mate seriously nice stuff - would you be thinking of greenstuffing some cloth masks over the mouths of some of them as well? That might emphasise the sneaky nature of these little marauders. if you felt really adventureous, the standard bearer could in fact not be a standard at all - but one dwarf at the base of a tree of obelisk of rock, and another dwarf with a runestone or something hanging onto climbing claws halfway up the side! After all, Ninja’s climb lots of things right?


A ninja that’s also a doctor?

Cool idea, and a nice conversion. It’s a shame Sneaky Gitz don’t have Dwarf-like profiles.

And judging by the signature, someone’s a Ross Noble fan.


That’s a clever conversion. The Skaven arms look surprisingly good, and the greenstuffing work is nice as well.


Great conversion work i cant wait to see a full unit of them the army will look awesome :slight_smile:


Not quite as thin or stealthy as normal ninja’s but love the idea’s and the model’s.


ninja chaos dwarfs?nice idea,but i know three things that are better then a ninja:




but i like your ninja,would be nice to see a complete unit


Nice looking concept! But also I know some things better then a ninja:

- Pilots

- Airplane

- Blimps

- Zeppelins

Even so, show me more and try make me change my mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s a good looking conversion!

:hat off


Hey guys, the project was on hold for a bit as I’ve been busy gathering the material required for more ninjas as well as being hit by a very nasty cold. :sick

So watch this space for even more Chaos Ninja Dwarfs :hat off

Kera foehunter:

just like ninja away making you wait!!

well if you drank rum like pirates there would be no colds!!

* glug glug glug kera drinks some rum and waits !!

i can’t wait to see more of your nija cds


Dead Kennedy:

I’m totally shocked that it looks so good. I’ve never considered a Dwarf head on that manky Skaven body… curly hair looks great too!

Give him a bit of a bodysuit though. Getting rid of the fur on the hands, and adding other details that would make him look a little less like his original model.

Great conversion, look forward to seeing a unit!

Father Grumpmas:

Pirates are better than ninja’s - everybody knows that :yar

Nice conversion - would be interesting to see what a unit of them looked like.


Hey guys, haven’t posted any pictures for a bit, been busy looking for work.
So here is the second of the Chaos Ninja Dwarfs… as some beliefs go, ninjas are masters of stealth, able to blend with the environment…

Conviently, this Chaos Dwarf was infiltrating a tavern…

Thanks to RoguePanda for giving me the idea of a 'ninja with a barrel’
Also coming soon…

Kera foehunter:

lol !! a pirate of any age have seen the ale barrow move around

ps i hope a ogre don’t see it it like a meal on wheels!!

great work

but if you had a nija dress like a pirate it work better



There… there is a ninja with a beer barrel! >drops his own tankard in amazement<

You have just done the impossible by combining Ninja’s with beer… seriously, I looked at that, pondered for a moment, and fell about laughing for ages! That stuff is just great!

Those other in-progress ninja’s are looking good too - I can’t quite see what’s on their backs, but I am wondering if they are some kind of steam powered grappling line backpacks? Or mechanical smoke machines for a quick getaway?

Regardless, I am going to be keeping an eye out for more gems from you Bloodfire - your stuff is top quality


Thanks for that :smiley:

Yeah the things on the backs of the in progress ninjas are actually where the quivers were from the oringinal models, but i am planning of tidying them up with items such as grapling hooks and pouches

black hammer:

Who are you guys kidding!?!?! Ninjas are waaaaaaaaaaay better than any freaking pirate!