[Archive] What's happened to the content on GW websites?


All the cool articles seem to have disappeared! I can’t find anything on there anymore, its just a giant online store thats more difficult to navigate

Thommy H:

Yep, new website. Apparently most of the articles are on there, but since they’re impossible to find it’s all a bit pointless. Poor web design, in fact - why web designers think anything but usability is a factor, I have no idea.


Well, tbh, something did need to be done. I had friends in that department ten years ago who said the entire web site systems needed rebuilding from scratch and unifying across the golbe.

OTOH, it looks like they’ve messed it up some what…


There’s no army specific listings for the articles anymore. I was looking or the 5th ed special character rule updates. I wanted to see how Aarbal, Engrimm, Delecha and co would fare in the new army list. If anyone has these saved and could email/PM them to me it’d be much appreciated. :hatoff

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

well they did the same to WD

you come see it coming a mile away

but all we have to do is complane :idea

Kera foehunter:

well do they still have the fluff???

or is it gone!!i can’t find nothing do they still have the black gobo

or white dwarf on line ?? i can’t find it eather


well do they still have the fluff?????
or is it gone!!i can't find nothing do they still have the black gobo
or white dwarf on line ?? i can't find it eather

Kera foehunter
there gone the way of ol' Yella. I die a little inside everytime gw do something like this, soon I'll be an empty husk of a man...


as far as I was concerned there was nothing wrong with the website the way it was. It just looks like an online catalogue now, its completely bush-league


Its real easy AGPO, GW’s site has gone from suck to blow!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Yeah…and just when I was getting into setting up the scenarios for Warhammer:Skirmish. They’re gone! All 300+ Scenarios…GONE!

I managed to print out @ 10 before they disappeared and was able to find some in one of my customer’s old White Dwarf magazines. It’s not enough though. I wanted to run the scenario where you go out and hire the Ogres and the Slayer VS Dragon scenario…and some more too!

The only site that has some of the scenarios still left is GW Australia. I think I’m going to try GW Ireland and see if I can’t find them there. I’d hate to try and download them and then have them translated into English if it turns out that GW Poland is the only one left that hasn’t gone and turned their web site into one big advertisement!


I have copies of the scenarios you need ,dragoncrag


I don’t really see what was wrong with the old site. It had LOADS of goodies for my gaming eyes to absorb. Now though, Just a huge catalog of all the miniatures that is hard to navigate. I hate it when GW does this, White dwarf sucks too. Used to be good, but now, catalog for new releases/bad articles. How to pose models?? come on!


a website can be a powerfull tool, if created correct, but GW failed. the only thing wich is better now is that you can see the stats of the models before you buy them.

Kera foehunter:

Old yellow died !!did gw kill him to??

Viskar Zhragoth:

Tommy H �?" yep. totally bush league job. It is almost unusable compared to the old site…It even now takes 5 clicks to get to a list of models for one race…how is that easier? Somewhere sits a guy that told them how great this website architecture would be…and he sold someone at GW on it hard…and then left them to try to shoehorn everything into a e-tail website template…I mean, it even looks like a boring buildcheapsite.com type of template thing…only with GW models…you know, the snakeoil websalesmen who talks fast about web 2.0 retailing…oh, that will only be $100,000…

Ishkur and Tommy H �?" it is the only way I tend to have much fun…I mean, crushing someone/getting crushed happens (but it is really boring after a while). I’d rather have fun!

Kera �?" All of the evils of the world aren’t GW’s fault…it can just seem that way :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

furrie, considering all of the bad news I’ve read from the others, I’m surprised they’ve put the stats on the website. they’ve always gone on about wanting them to only be in the books… Strange. I’ve not been on the website in a whiile, but by the sounds of it, I don;t want to.