[Archive] when to use which magic


just curious on people’s opinions of the fire and metal lores for chaos dwarf sorcerers. ive seen some nifty conversions im hijacking:o, and would love to hear people’s tactics.

Uzkul Werit:

Fire is handy against most armies as S4 will harm most things. It lacks any real teeth to bite through armour so it’s best to save it for hordes or just general use. The Lore of Metal should be used either in concert with Fire or as a replacement against say, Dwarfs. Use Fire to thin the lines and Metal yo cripple armoured targets.


yup… fire for hordes… metal as a can opened…

but do not overlook shadow… moving your M3 models a second time a turn is golden…


You can’t really go wrong with fire in most situations IMHO. But as stated each has its merits. You have to anslyze two things: your style of play and your opponent, this willows often then not dictate your choice of lore(s).


I’ve found that the lore of Death can be handy… One really mean trick I used with the Dark Elves, is to get Doom and Darkness, and Black Horror. Doom and Darkness the unit you want to die, and then black horror it. The large template means that a lot of them will die, and doom and darkness means they’re practically guaranteed to panic. This could be done with other spells too, particularly Fire magic, because of the damage, and say, Burning Head, which makes them panic immediately anyway.

Or you could even just land a Death Rocket straight on top of them, and take out 12 guys that way. thats 25% right there. Panic them twice.