[Archive] WHFB Tournament In Lebanon New Hampshire



Everyone that lives within driving distance should go to this. It’s at Triple Play in Lebanon New Hampshire, April 27. A great bunch of people and we are going to have a lot of fun.


Triple Play Directions

Announcing the first Warhammer Fantasy Warbands Tournament of 2013. This even will be held on Satureday April 27th and will have armies at 500 points each. Here is what you need to know

*Event starts at 11AM, but please arrive early for registration at 10:30 AM

5 dollar entry fee

There will be a prize awarded in store credit to the first place winner

*The person with the best painted model (after a vote) will also get store credit

*Mysterious Terrain will not be used.

*Terrain is preplaced before battle

*Lore of Shadow is banned for the tournament

*Dogs of War and Chaos Dwarfs are allowed

Army Selection-500 points

You do not have to take a lord or hero to be your army general, but you must nominate one commander model from a unit instead.

The players can have half sized Regiments. But unless the regiment fufills the basic size requirement it cannon take any upgrades.

Wizards are limited to only level 1.

Named Characters are not allowed.

The player may select up to 1 warmachine or chariot

Lords: Lords cannot be selected for this tournament

Heroes: You may select up to one hero, so long as it is with the 25 % limit.

Core: You must have a core minimum of 25% worth of troops.

Special: Same as rulebook

Rare: Same as rulebook

The tournament is split up into 4 rounds, each lasting an hour. I will be using ‘A Little War’ scenario. This Scenario I will hand out at the tournament but with some minor tweaks to the original document below:


Battlefield: A smaller battlefeild with table dividers, so that we can have battles on 48X48.

Deployment: Is different than normal ’ A little war’.

Round 1 will use map B

Round 2 will use Map A

Round 3 will use map C

Round 4 will use map D

Then the players roll off as normal and follow follow the rules of deploying their armies.

Who goes first: Same as normal

Length of game: 6 turns

Special Rules: The players roll for their objectives before the battle and select their objective from a container, hiding it from the other player. After the battle the objectives are reveiled, if the player has been able to achieve the objective they receive +50VP. After the battle and the objectives have been reveiled the paper notes go back into the container for the next battle.

*There is also a special scenario for lunch time and one other one if we finish the turnament early enough.