[Archive] Which army book to use?


Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, and apologies if this question has been asked a thousand times before, but I couldn’t find a sticky.

So I am a long time fantasy player and lover of dwarfs with big hats. I never got around to buying an army when the models were available in the shops, but now I have more disposable cash, I want to convert an army of evil stunties.

The issue is which book to use. Yes, I know I could use the Tamurkhan, but I would prefer to use an existing army book. These are the thoughts I have had so far.

Chaos Warriors

Pros - T4 Heavy Armoured Warriors, Knights and Juggernauts for creating Bull Centaurs, possibility of Ogres as Minotaurs. Sorcerers, Winged Monsters and other converting potential

Cons - No ranged firepower, 25mm bases.


Pros - They’re Dwarfs! Lots of heavy infantry, shooty units, war machines

Cons - No cavalry (no bull centaurs) no magic

Is there sensible ways around these issues? Is there a book I haven’t considered that could do the job better? Or am I just resigned to the fact that I am going to struggle with this project?


You know what? Make special movement trays with strips of plastic or balsa wood in a grid to allow you to field your 20mm based Chaos Dwarfs as Warriors of Chaos. Base it nicely and mark out clearly where one 25mm “base” ends on each strip. That way you can field your models any way you like.

In my area Tamurkhan is as much accepted as any army book, by the way. No problem with tournaments. You only have to explain oddities like K’daai, Iron Daemons and Sorcerer’s Curse. :stuck_out_tongue:


Tamurkhans rules states it as an official army. Forgeworld is endorsed by GW. I have never had a problem using it, even with the spiffy stuff like Chalice. Then again: I havent brought an Iron Deamon, Deathshrieker, Mortar and K’daii to the same tournament yet :wink:


Dwarfs would be your best bet - you get the essentially CD thing of shooting and war machines and everything pretty much looks like what it represents.


Tamurkhan’s Chaos Dwarfs are fully official and fully playable at all GW tournies/events/in store gaming and every major indy GT. Upon release we had some problems with indy GTs because cowards are afraid of change, but that lasted all of 6 months when people realized that CDs are in no way, shape, or form a broken army… Disallowing them would be on par with disallowing orcs and goblins. If I were you I’d stick with our real book, its much cooler. If you were absolutely dead set on using a line that is fully available from GW retail locations, go with the dwarfs. They’re the most similar in every way. Chaos Warriors don’t have the war machines except hellcannon…

Have fun regardless!!!


Thommy’s book is great for games with friends.


Thommy's book is great for games with friends.

I bet his new one will be great for tournaments as well if LoA lags behind too much.


I say use Tamurkhan its fantastic and most players will accept it, the small minority will grumble but that CANT stop you, Unless they pack up and leave.


Cheers guys, I shall have to blag a look at the Tamurkhan and see if it is what I want.

I had considered the plastic stripping between the bases, or simply putting them on 25mm bases.


Thamurkhan is allowed allmost anywhere now. GW allowed thamurkhan, storm of magic, monsterous arcannum to their last big tournaments. Fine list and great book for any warhammer lover.

If you want to use another army list (considered the same thing back in the days - before thaurkhan came out).

I’ll make another suggestion and one none else has come with:

You should go with empire. And I’ll fit in some reasons.

1. access to lore of metal, fire and death.

2. warriors priest are fighters and magic users. Will work great for acolytes or priests of Hashut.

3. Engineers are self explanatory.

4. 20mm bases.

5. Hobgoblins and humans have similar statlines. So all the statetroops could be hobgoblins.

6. knights as bull centaurs

7. demi gryphs as juggernaughts.

8. lots and lots of different infernal machinery in the recent book.

9. swordmasters are heavy dwarfs.

10. I could be argued that crossbows and handguns dwarfs are lighter armoured.

I think I could work.


Very good idea, Bloodbeard. I’ve thought similarly earlier, but I’d miss T4 sorely!

I think going proxy-Empire is the best solution for you, Novos, if you won’t play with Legion of Azgorh.


It depends if you want to be able to user hobgoblins and bullcentaurs, if not dwarfs fit the bill best otherwise empire or wait and see if 9th will allow an ally system like 40k. Then you can use dwarfs for you chaos dwarfs and empire for the hobgoblin/bullcentaurs