[Archive] Which is less cheesey: Abom or Doomwheel?


I play a lot of different armies, simply because I love painting and converting so much. Skaven are one of those armies I can relish in the later, and enjoy the former. Plus I have always found them kinda cool.

I do play Skaven. I tend to run with 3 large units of clanrats (28 being 7 wide. One has the doomwheel added to it). I don’t go heavy shooting (a total of 6 jezzails and 2 weapon teams typically. Occassionally a third if I’m not going as heavy on magic). A unit of Plague Monks (21 being 7 wide) a unit of Censer Bearers. Magic is at least a gray seer and plague priest. Sometimes a lvl 1 engineer added.

I have the wheel. Simply because I love the model so much. It is an amazing sculpt, very steampunk.

It’s a lot more… wild… than the Abom. Plus once it is dead, it stays dead.

So what say you, which do you find nastier? The Abom or Doomwheel? Just curious as I don’t want to be “that guy” when I run my Skaven.


Third Option: Plague Catapult…

The ones you mention were both made by Kraft.


I find both can inflict stupid amounts of damage with ease. If I had to choose which one to face, I would prefer to see a Doomwheel, as I find that they are easier to kill and less reliable for the Skaven General.

I don’t think there is really a soft rare choice for the Skaven, and I’m not that keen on facing any of them to be honest.