[Archive] Which lore is best for 8th


So looking at the lores for our lores I am unsure which is best going for.

I already have a support metal and though Hashut is ok, I think lore of Death suits chaos dwarves alot more.

Spirit leach: we have LD10

Dread Knight: On bull centaurs/Khan (if you ever actually take it)

Doom and Darkness: -3ld…then hellcannon/Magma/Rocket/K’daai…

Soul Blight: good vs everything but increase K’Daai damage outpit for the St4 attack

then theres the other snipe spells.

Oh…and Purple sun since there are alot of bloody Ogres smashing people up atm (and soon to be undead)


Totally agree, i’ll be starting our club campaign in May with them and was thinking ahead to the larger games. So been thinking which lores to use and death always came top of the list.


I don’t think I’d risk a purple sun, not with I2. The other spells, though, are good. D&D, as you say, with a hellcannon is devastating.

Ashstorm and flames of azgorh are the two ‘mega’ spells that do all the damage (figuratively speaking) from the lore of hashut. Hatred is ok, but the others aren’t brilliant. But if you do cast ashstorm, you can watch ogres just melt away…ashstorm + destroyer = lots of dead ogres, ashstorm + magam cannon = lots of dead ogres.


Also, Spirit leech being ld 10 is huge.

Fire is good, easy to cast means lots of small spells.

Fireball - good in a variety of situations, good for killing chaff that will redirect the destroyer, good for warmachine hunting/monster sniping (with the 48" range 3d6 version)

Fire cloak - RiP, causes your opponents magic phase to take a hit if you get it off, handy for grinding units in combat.

Flaming sword - Amazing, one of the best spells in the game. When cast on blunderbusses, makes them delete anything they turn to face.

Burning head - a bit bad… just swap it out for something else.

Piercing bolts of burning - Good for incredibly deep units, like slaves or clanrats, just another fireball against big units.

Flame cage - Incredible spell, useful as a hex to stop people getting to you, good for fragmenting a battle line. Also good because you can stop people combat reforming/making way in combat.

Flame storm - Another template, pretty good, very good against T3 troops.

Da Crusha:

my favorites are lore of hashut and lore of death.

my favorite thing to do in my RH list was to fly around on a lammasu with my sorc lord sniping characters with lore of death and then when Im set up drink the potion of speed and cast purple sun down a flank. combined with lore of shadow spam it was golden. but many people would call that crazy, and it was totally high risk high reward.