[Archive] Which Red for the Hat

Singleton Mosby:

It is quite a strange question I realize but I just have to ask: Which (tone of) Red do you use for the Chaos Dwarfs Hat?

I’ve tried the two tones of red I have here: Red Gore and Blood Red and neither of these seems right. Gore is too dark, and bloodred is too…wel red. It should be more like the red used on this page. But which red is it?

Edit: I see the red in my avatar is Blood Red, that’s not the red I am looking for however.

Dervish Helldance:

While I’m not going the hat way, I believe Scab red + Mechrite red highlighted with pure mechrite red might look pretty good.


mechrite red, dry brush blood red, wash with devlan mud. :smiley:


I use Red Gore and highlight with Blood Red


I guess my red is just not as glamorous; Dark Tomato ($.79 paint from Michaels) with a wash of Badab Black. But I like the darker, smokey values rather than something bright and shiny the Empire or the Dwarves up on the hill use.


Afraid mines more complicated… Mechrite red, Devlan mud wash, mechrite red, scab red, red gore, blood red, extreme orange highlights whilst bringing it all together with lots of red washes. Must learn a simpler painting style!!

Singleton Mosby:

Thanks a lot guys. I will get myself some mechrite red and try cornixt’s method as well.


Mechrite red is an absolute must! Especially if you’re covering a black undercoat!