[Archive] Whip or the flame? What to do with those slaves


The Voice made an interesting point in another thread I thought was worthy of discussing in its own thread.

If you are taking thousands of slaves, tens of thousands, how many would you sacrifice to Hashut and how many would you send to the mines?

How many sacrifices does Hashut demand in your fluff?  9 out of 10?  or 1 in a 1000 etc?

I know in my fluff the CD cannot afford not to sacrifice lots, but sacrifice too many and the slave system starts to collapse, and the CD economy slows right down.


I would say use the whip, that way you keep your slaves. only burn one if he doesn’t listen to the whip :smiley:

Kera foehunter:

Tyed them to the yeard iron and 20 lashes with a cat of 9 tails


Arrr!  Then get them scurvy lot to swab the deck and wash off their own blood!  :cheers

Kera foehunter:

yea we don’t need any sharks to eat are slaves


I view Hashut as something of a pragmatist. Whenever a new haul is brought in a proportion is sacrificed to him, otherwise he only requires 10 or so at dawn and dusk.

Lord Zarkov:

Also remember there’s only one temple and quite a few slave raids, so there might even be a queue for sacrifice.

It’s probably some smallish percentage of each haul plus any that particularly deserve it!


Only one temple? I doubt that. The one in Zharr Naggrund is THE Temple, I always imagined it as a cathedral when compared to churches.


I’d say something in the region of 1 out of 10, with the sorceror’s demanding more and the slave drivers always trying to keep the most they can for their own private financial gain.

I’d agree with TheVoice about temples, more likely that their is a small one in every town/settlement, but the smaller the town the smaller the sacrificial means, so whereas a small outpost would simply have an alter, whilst Zharr Naggrund is able of doing so on an industrial scale


Didn’t it say somewhere 100 at dawn and another 100 at dusk? Thrown into that statue of Hashut?


personally, I’d keep most of 'em for slaves. those who p*ss me off get to be sacrificed. I’m a just person in that regard. :stuck_out_tongue:

zorn sabretooth:

i would throw mine onto the horns of a statue of hashut


my hashut wants slaves to die working in mines and forges…

only the mightiest of them deserve to be sacrificed!


So you sacrifice the strongest, most productive slaves?

Uzkul Werit:

Practically says you divide it down the middle. Give half to Hashut, half are sent to the mines. Everyones happy.

But as Hashut is a God of progression, why not dedicate the slaves troubles in the mines to Hashut?

Kera foehunter:

if hashut want a sacifice let him do it !!! he know how to pick them



I think sacrifices come in the way of setting an example, to keep the slaves in line. A gruesome sacrifice ceremony atop the temple, in full view of all the slaves for a great distance would work.

Also, perhaps the souls of slaves are harvested/sacrificed for Hashut in return for him daemon-infusing war machines!


Sacrifice the ones who can’t work, then send the rest to the mines. Once the ones in the mines can’t work any longer, sacrifice them. It’s a win/win.

Also, trekking a large group of slaves thru the Darklands to Zharr-Naggrund is a tricky proposition. You’ll lose a lot of the weaker ones along the way, which lowers the return on the investment you’ve made in going on a raid. The smart Dwarf-on-the-Go will bring a portable sacrificial altar along in the baggage train. That way, you need only take the fittest captives along with you after you’ve sacrificed the sick/elderly/mimes/whatever. Waste not, want not I always say.


Hashut wouldn’t settle for weak, over used slaves. Sacrifice the strongest. Yeah its a waste, but you don’t give your god an inferior gift. Think of how ancient cultures would sacrifice the most beautiful virgin. I’m sure they didn’t want to loose her, but their god demanded the best.

Burn lots and burn often i’d imagine


I can’t think, with hashut’s CD followers being as innumerous as they are, that he’d demand they sacrifice the cream of their workforce.