[Archive] Whirlwind and other weapons


The whirlwind, the swivel gun (i think the name is), the tenderizer, and the mortar, are there any rules for these under the chaos dwarf lists?


No these were from 2nd and 3rd edition days. Check the Project development setions thou, there are members written rules within.

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Hashut’s Blessing:

Welcome to the website. There are no official rules (not legal ones if there are), but as Willmark mentioned, many people are coming up with their own. You could always include them as unit fillers. The tenderiser and whirlwind can be bull centaurs, the mortar and swivel gun can be used as blunderbussers.

Lord Zarkov:

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As said above there are no current rules for them, however you could use them as fillers for things that are in the list. You could also use the artillary as current artillary: i.e. use the mortar as an earthshaker or the bazooka as a death rocket etc