[Archive] Who are your favourite fantasy authors?


If you dont like the stlye then that just means that its to complicated for you.

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No, it's not that at all. As I said before, I don't like the pacing of the story and some of the dialogue. Tolkein isn't terrible, but at the same time he isn't the beginning and end of fantasy (the original statement I was responding to.) I think Michael Moorcock says it better than I can on some points here.

OK, this has gotten way off topic, so I suggest we move this into another thread if we want to continue, but really it's gotten way away from the original response I was making. I apologise if I came off as abrasive at any point.


Just remember to never speak negatively of Tolkien again or its hobgoblin latrine duty for you! :slight_smile:


i kind of agree i find tolkien a bit slow and boring, but that was the style of the time. its the same with robert e howard’s original conan stories. great as they are the style of them are fairly slow going at times, although nowhere near as slow as lord of the rings. i think the first time i read it i just skipped nearly the entire prologue.

a book i read recently which i think is amazing is r a salvatore’s drizzt book, the dark elf trilogy. the whole world of the underdark just makes your imagination spring to life!


i like salvatore’s original dark elf trilogy. the 20thousand books of drizzt that follow get overdone and rediculous. check out his “demon wars” trilogy, and second trilogy, and the 2 other books in the world of corona.

the demon awakens

the demon spirit

the demon apostle





the highwayman


you know, i like alot, but I recently (as in a few hours ago) got mr kyme to sign all of my collections of his books

yay, for hi visiting our store, also, he claim that CDs are aimed for 2009-10:):cheers:):hat off:mask


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It’s cliche but I really do like a little of everything and will read anything I find on a bookshelf (if I can find enough time)

Fantasy wise:

I like a little of Anne McCaffery’s stuff namely The Talent series, for some reason I never got around to her pern books though.

Isobele Carmody, all bar the gathering. I love her writing style, Tamara  Pierce (haven’t Read in ages though)

Some of David Eddings stuff, he drags on in bits sometimes, i wonder if those bits are him or his wife?(liked the Belgarid? & co seires’ some stand alones)

Sucked in wholehertedly by the Harry Potter thing, they are good tales

Terry Pratchett everything!

Anne Rice just certain books

normal fiction

classics, Jane Austin, Charles Dickens, the lady that wrote the secret garden heaps more

murder mysteries, action (Matthew Riley is a fun pace)


biographies, history books, scary ones Stephen King, Uplifting ones Bryce Courtney. Super sad ones (alot of the translated from forgien lanuage ones) I love those and them science experiment books heaps heaps more but i don’t have the collection I used to and I can’t remember the names off the top of my head.

I find it unnerving if I have books I haven’t read on my shelves, my mum used to buy those old fashioned classic compliations and such. From where I came from I learnt a book can take you some where, teach you something, entertain, sadden and revoult and best of all are a damn fine way to waste an afternoon. Scary thing is my lack of wanting to have unread books means i’ve read alot of weird stuff. Too many family memebers just add stuff and I feel complelled read it. With everything I read you think it’d be impossible to be mild dislexic right, I wish. (darn dodgey type recognition genes)

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Yes, but it can’t really fix the shortcomings of the main trilogy. In any case, if a 3 book series needs another novel after the fact to justify itself, there’s something strange going on.

LotR bored me to tears in sections I only finished it because I like reading the book before seeing the movie, and yes you are right three books is weird but LotR was always suppost to be one book and the publisher thought it wouldn’t sell as one book so it got split in three. I found The Silmarillion even worse to get into at the start and just didn’t finish (everyone who knows me knows that doesn’t happen often)

I watched a special on the english language the other day and it’s clear Tolkien was in love with the eairly sound of english (watch LotR and then listen to a reading of Beowolf, you’ll see what I mean).I’m bing lasy so I’m not going to spell check this. Fair call for a lot of writers Kera some fantasy books are painfully similar to Tolkien, they still contain decient enough tales though, you can argue everything you watch on TV is copied Shakspere (thankfully even the man himself didn’t even sign his name the same everytime:cheers)

sorry for the long post, getting extremly late


Salvatore’s stuff is ok early on, its like cotton candy; tastes good but is not very filling. Tolkien is like a steak sometimes. Tough chewing but you come to appreciate it in time.