[Archive] Who is our true nemesis?


Who are our main foe, that if we were redone… we could have hatred for, or some bonus against?

While I’m strongly inclined to say regular Dwarfs, for abandoning us… I could see it argued that Greenskins are as well… as we are slavers. I wouldn’t argue for the Dark Elf-esque hate everyone… but I could see it.

I can’t see Ogres or Chaos Warriors as we trade with them after all. VC, WE, or TK are to isolated.

I could certainly see hatred between Hobgoblins and (either other greenskins, or at least Black Orcs) and vice versa too.

Also if they did make a nifty special unit, would you rather have stubborn or hatred/uber hatred? From a fluff point would hatred be better?

Thommy H:

Dwarfs. There is literally no other option.

Viskar Zhragoth:

Well, as far as hatred, I’d agree Tommy H. Its just gotta be dwarfs.

But how about a slaver to the world rule? Since we see almost everyone as slaves/engines for our scarifices and daemonic engines, how about a rule directed to all races? I know fellhart gets double points for units he runs down as long as he is alive…Maybe something like that, or all break tests that fail by say 3 allow the breaking unit to only run d6?

I don’t exactly know, but there should be a race rule that represents the total disdain we hold all other races and non-believers in the might of Hashut!


I back the notion that dwarfs hate up eternally… all other races fear us…


To be a true nemesis, an adversary must be a constant source of frustration. In other words: another vote for Dwarfs.

Ancient History:

Chaos Dwarfs hate Dwarfs…

…but Goblins fear Chaos Dwarfs!

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

well drawf would be the easiest option

but between hatred and stubborn i’d say stubborn they are drawfs after all :slight_smile:

turquois dwarf:

hate dwarfs

unbrakable against greenskins because we see them as slaves and so are not scared of them even if we should be


Considering how long it’s taken to get a new army book I would say GW are our true Nemesis.

(seriously though, Dwarfs…)


Dwarfs. There is literally no other option.

Thommy H
I disagree

There is one nemesis that all of you have missed........... Games Workshop!


I’m kinda on the fence about Dwarfs.

There’s that ancient “they left us to our fate”-feeling isn’t there.

But then again as mentioned, a nemesis would also be someone one has frequent, or at least frequent enough contact with. Dwarfs just don’t seem to fulfil that.

I wouldn’t like to pick Dwarfs as a nemesis just because no other army fits. Nemesis by default? That’s not cool.


In terms of rules I would say hatred for Dwarfs.

Fluffwise though I think our biggest nemesis should be Daemons.

Interesting pychological point there actually, in terms of warhammer rules generally can you hate and fear something?

Thommy H:

unbrakable against greenskins because we see them as slaves and so are not scared of them even if we should be

turquois dwarf
That would be utterly broken. The army would be twice as powerful against one particular opponent.

I always see people throwing around Unbreakable in fan-made lists. Do you know who's Unbreakable? Slayers and Flaggelants and Chaos Spawn: crazed nutters and insane monsters. It doesn't fit any units that Chaos Dwarfs have available. We all want them to be brave, but that's what the Ld characteristic is for.


Yeah, I do like stubborn more then unbreakable for a nice Chaos Dwarf unit. Fear, or immunity to it, should come from an item ala: Icon of Magnus or a fear causing banner.

Though a rule similar to the Empire’s Icon of Magnus might be cool an elite unit that “has seen it all”. It won’t be immune to psych, but psych will be less effective against that unit to a small degree. Of course they could also do that by making said unit cause fear… but the first route would be cheaper.

Thommy H:

I think I made Immortals Stubborn and then Immune to Fear and Terror if led by a character (which I think is the case for Hammerers, IIRC). They were like a combo of all the Dwarf elite units (the extra save of Iron Breakers, for example) with magical attacks. Nothing too over the top.


I was thinking earlier about this, what does a nemesis actually mean in a warhammer sense, where it’s all races at war forever?

To me it would mean an enemy that would be eager to destroy you should you show any signs of weakness.  Not just today, or over the next year, but eager to destroy you however long it takes.

High Elves V Dark Elves is an obvious one

Dwarfs V Greenskins

Empire V Chaos

Lizardmen V Daemons(?)

Based on my reason above, at the moment the only race who would wish to utterly destroy us and grind our bones to dust is Dwarfs.  The feeling would be mutual.


I think hatred for a certain enemy doesn’t really suit CD character, they’ve always struck me as being more materialistic. Slavers is a nice angle, something like the Black Ark corsairs rule (although CDs wont be running many people down :)). All the new armies have a unique rule and I reckon for CDs it should be based on the slavers/Hobgoblins relationship. CDs allowing a re-roll on animosity within 6", no panic for dying Hobgobs, etc.

CDs causing fear in Greenskin armies could be cool, except Black Orcs who could hate us too :).

In all the fluff I’ve read, I never really got the impression that CDs were that fussed about revenge on their kin, rather the western Dwarfs were ashamed of what the CDs became. CDs struck me as being satisfied doing their own thing. It even says in the old book that the only reason they ever bother to leave their lands is to get more slaves.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:


don’t you forget he’s the one who baneshed hashut :hashut


Perhaps being able to shoot into combat if only Hobgoblins/greenskins are fighting the enemy? Ala Skaven?

Thommy H:


don't you forget he's the one who baneshed hashut :hashut

Godbob and his jolly rogers
Only in one WFRP book. That story's status in the canon is debatable and Chaos Dwarfs hating Khorne contradicts the manner in which they've allied with Chaos forces in the past.