[Archive] Who would be interested?


In buying a Chaos dwarf deal together?

I’ll explain a bit;

I’m currently negotiating a buy of some Chaos Dwarfs and Hobgoblins but don’t want all of it!

Basically the guy has some of each troop type and some Monsters and Warmachines.

If you are looking for some additions to your army and you are serious about buying together with me then please PM me and we’ll go through what he has together.


Edit: also worth noting is that I reside in The Netherlands and that the Euro at the moment is very strong opposed to the Dollar. I don’t mind shipping internationally but thought it was worth mentioning.:cheers


PM sent.


PM sent


Okay, to inform everyone. I’m currently in conclave with some members here so this topic can be closed for now.


Are you asking for this to be locked? Done. PM me if you want it unlocked.