[Archive] Wholly !@#$ my friend owns a miniature company


I know there are some lovers of old metal miniatures on this forum so I thought I would share this. It turns out a friend of mine has recently become part owner of Iron Wind Miniatures. They have owned many of the old (he says over 2500) Ral Partha molds for some time and done small production runs of a select few.

My friend, whose first edition chaos dwarf models I have posted on this sight, has decided to revamp the Ral Partha Chaos Wars rules set and produce a full line of miniatures to go along with it.

Link to KickStarter info.



One of my units of “hobgoblins” is the Ral Partha goblins. I quite like them.
I’ve just added a ‘rock lobber’ to their numbers.

Size wise they are smaller compared to the 4th Ed Hobgoblins


Super great initiative to bring some of all these old models back to life. Many of them are a bit too simple for my taste.