[Archive] Wiki Weekly #2 - Bull Centaur Conversions


[[Bull Centaur Conversions]]

Welcome to Wiki Weekly #2! This week we will focus on Bull Centaurs Conversions! That means if you have made a Bull Centaur Conversion, and have a picture of it, upload it to the Wiki, and write a small blurb about it!

If you have never used a Wiki, don’t be afraid! Just try it! You don’t have to sign up or anything if you don’t want. Just click the link above and add all the information you know by first clicking the “Edit” tab. Do not worry about how accurate your information is, just do you best. Someone else will adjust what you did if you have slipped up! No problem!

To upload a pic, go here:


Simple! Now let’s see those Conversions added! :hat off


hm, could you make the pic of bjorni smaller? it is too big imho


You can add my pic too. It’s in my blog.


- Kyte


You can add my pic too. It's in my blog.

Oh Kyte... :P It's a Wiki. You should add it yourself! That's the whole idea!

Well done Bjorni! I will probably Photoshop your image to make it smaller. :)


I’ve done a few bits on the geography and places.

I’ve also added a section of my own under ‘alternate fan fiction’.

Now I’ll take this all off if you want, but I was carefull to put ‘GSF’ infront of any links that I thought we might want to use later on.

We can move the links to where this is very easily if you wanted to create a whole new sub section?


I wasn’t sure which stuff you added was wholey fan-fic, or actually official, so I added a bunch of disclaimers of sorts. I am going to be working on adding footnotes and references to all articles. :slight_smile:


That makes sense. We don’t want to confuse people with what is official or not, and if people can cite official sources for things that’s good.


Once I can upload pics, I’ll put mine on.


Sorry to practice threadomancy, but i find it curious that you uploaded my centaurs without asking to a ‘wiki’ I had never heard about.

Not that it’s not okay with me, but since I wasn’t a member of this site at the time i think you should have asked.



Hard to say who it was, since it is a Wiki.

It is a pretty good example of a doable Bull Centaur conversion, however. Glad to have you aboard!