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Sorry, yet another quick rules question - this is what you get for being so helpful with my earlier questions.

Basically if I upgrade a Woodelf Highborn or Noble to the Wildrider Kindred, does he lose his Longbow or not?

A woodelf Highborn/Nobles comes with a longbow as standard.

Under the rules for this kindred, it says the character carries a spear and wears light armour. I don’t know if this means he gains these items, or these items replace his starting kit.

It’s also worth nothing that if you choose to upgrade to the Wardancer kindred, it specifically states that you lose the longbow. All this leads me to think a Wildrider character keeps his bow, but I would like some additional opinions if possible.

Many Thanks.

Thommy H:

It reads like he keeps it to me.


As a wood elf general whenever I get to play the darn things I know he keeps the longbow.


I agree with the above - he/ she keeps the bow.

This is how we have been playing this particular rule here in Oz.



Excellent. Thanks very much. :hat off

Hashut’s Blessing:

It doesn’t say that he loses the bow, other entries specify that they do lose the bow (and can’t take magical ones) and the bit about kindreds actually explains that they gain the equipment mentioned as standard (it doesn’t mentioning replacing it).

Bottom line, they keep it. However, in that unit, they likely won’t use it all that much, lol.

Thommy H:

Useful to have it though - my fiancée plays Wood Elves, and it’s surprising how often her Wizards and random characters having that bow comes in handy, especially with some nasty magic arrows.

Hashut’s Blessing:

That one shot can make a difference! Also, there’s nothing stopping you using him solo (that I recall off the top of my head) and sniping at loners :smiley: Especially with magic bows or arrows.

Storm of Magic games they can be pretty good with magic bows/arrows as they can see everything too.