[Archive] Willmark's Space Marines- The Knights of Vengeance


The Knights of Vengeance were painted and renamed numerous times. I settled on a plain silver scheme with black I also used an ancient WD article around (#120ish) for a idea to different companies within the chapter. Each company uses a color on the right arm, red for the 3rs company in this case. Any with a white right arm are veterans of the 1st company.

I’ll start to add more as time goes by. Here is my standard bearer for the entire chapter and a Land Raider, anyone notice anything unusual about the Land Raider?


Well, there seems to be a thick layer of dust on it. Is that the unusual thing, or is it the non-standard treads? I have to admit that its been a long time since I’ve built my land-raider, or even looked at it, and when I did, I used a Forgeworld upgrade kit to replace the tracks, but the ones on yours don’t look like regular ones in my opinion.

The paint scheme is nice, if a little heavy handed, but the whole image works together well. I like the colours of the mud. The idea of the one arm indicating company is original, IMO a nice departure from the standard SM armies you see everywhere.


Heh couldn’t find my compressed air! You’re on the right track with the treads…



The treads, what are they made out of? They look like a good substitute. I once made a set of tank tracks out of bits of chewing gum. It worked out ok, but didn’t stand well to the test of time, as bacteria fed on the sugar and destroyed it from the inside out, despite being covered in enamel paint. Yes, enamel. LoL.

re: weathering

I’ve never had the courage to put really heavy weathering (specifically mud) on my tanks. I’ve heard that some experienced modellers mix talcum powder into their paints and smear it on their beloved models to get that really thick, wet, textured look, but that’s pretty crazy to me.


Looking good Willmark. When will be seeing terminators?


Ready for the secret; The model is scratch built! the Twin-linked las-cannons are from my Crusader kit left over!

Dino-not sure at some point…


That is damn impressive. Crazy too. I mean “Why!???” Hehhehe. Knowing that and looking back at the photos, its easy to see the inconsistencies, but I couldn’t tell. It might be the sponsons and the hatches that sell it, but if you hadn’t have said anything I probably wouldn’t have ever noticed.

I rarely have patience to make a vehicle from a GW kit, let alone scratch build one. I can see scratch building something there isn’t a kit for, like a titan or something, or a weird variant, but a regular raider? Hhehe, that’s just nuts. But hats off to your determination.


Scratch built? Holy Hashut, this is cool! :o With a little more attention to little details (very little) you’ll never notice. Go back to it and fix the tracks and clean some of the painting and you’ll have a beautiful scratch built model. :hat off

Kera foehunter:

look good willmark love the banner


Another scratch built item from my Marines, my Vindicator!

Kera foehunter:

wow somebody has some free time


I’m really impressed by these.  How do they compare in scale?

The weathering looks a little harsh on the raider, but not enough on the vindicator.

I couldn’t stand painting a black SM army.  Not enough variety for me.  

Black, Silver and Red…  Chaos Dwarfs! :wink:

Off topic, but you get loads of spare tracks building a leman russ, probably enough for another tank.


Scale is dead on.

Kera I did these 6 years ago.