[Archive] win number 30 in 8th

richard barby:

small mile stone reached with a game today was a really intersting game against high elves

i was running (indy)

a mage lord with metal and a earthing rod

a fighty lord with the black hammer and dragon helm

bsb with the 5up ward banner

28 warriors great axes full command

20 blunderbusses with chaos armour fullcommand

40 rabble

20 archers muso

5 wolf riders bows and muso

6 golums

1 earthshaker

the higheves where

mage lord shadow and pick spells item

dragon mage with 2 up ward to magic spells

40 sea guard

10 white lions

5 dragon princes

lion chariot

bolt thrower

we spent the first 2 turns being cagey with each other my earthshaker got shot up and i killed about a third of the sea guard with final transformation. the high elves where lined up to hold me with the sea guard and crush me on all sides with the chariot knights white lions and dragon from behind. my turn 3 i got lucky i turned the mage lord to gold and broke his unit and it kept running as we where on a small table (4 by 4) it was close to his white lions and lion warriors both failed the stupity.

his knights and dragon picked up my blunderbusses killing heads and taking away steadfast. goloums get in to the lion chariott and i get the dragon stuck against the rabble. block of warriors and golums charge in to the dragon/ white lions and rabble combat whipe out the lions and take all but one wound off the dragon. goloms went mega this combat 15 attacks 10 hits 9 dead lions and last one on a stomp.

mop up the knights for the loss of the lord and the dragon runs off rallying on the last for about a 1200 point win.

Anyway 30th win in 8th with the chaos dwarfs a nice milestone overall i have a record of

w30 l22 d3. proving to me that chaos dwarfs love 8th ed far more than 7th ed

richard barby:

good and bad match ups i have founds are below but a good deal of this could be down to the person on the other side of the table





wood elves


in the middle

tomb kings

high elves



dark elves only had one game won by lore of metal vs unkillable dragon rider. over all i think the strongest army now

orge kingdoms new book looks sweet

deamons of chaos

bad match ups

warriors maybe down to my playing style



havent played brestsmen and chaos dwarfs