[Archive] WiP Bull centaur renders


Hi everyone, first post I’ve just started working on CD’s with the release of the Tamurkhan book, so I thought I’d have a crack at some of the bull centaur renders.

Not sure what bases they should be on - I’ve gone with 50mm but can always drop them to 40mm

I still need to do all the greenstuff work - fill gaps, beards, horns and chainmail to cover the joins




Hashut’s teeth those are some big mofos. Quite appropriate for their Toughness and Wounds, but really overdone with regards to their abbysmal Attacks. Get them painted up!


Heh, Iron gut torso’s/bodies is just how I made my dragon ogres.


Time of Madness:

Great looking models! I always figured the ogres bodies would be too large for the juggers. But they fit really well together!

Time of Madness


The be fair they don’t look like Bull Centaurs in the sense that Bull Centaurs are Chaos Dwarf upper torsos and Bull lower bodies, but these are absolutely humongous and threatening! That’s a compliment of sorts :wink:

Are you planning to Chaos Dwarf-ify them? It would be easy to add the curly bead, a face mask/plate and a little scale mail. Then they would be perfect in my opinion.


thanks everyone, yeah I plan to chaos dwarfy them next, not entirely sure how to do the beards (anyone got some suggestions)

In hindsight they are quite big - might have to run them as 3 bull centaur taur’ruk and make some smaller scale ones


For Hashut!
I reckon the bulk fits the profile, maybe you can do their hands tied behind their backs to fit the two attacks (or maybe WHF should have given them three attacks)

Will look sexcellent with the chaos dwarfish chainmail and horns and beards and things.

Baraz Gorechain:

Nice! Really like it! My one criticism, more of personal taste then anything else:

The blessed of Hashut shouldn’t be armed with rough stone weapons! They should have the best and sharpest steel the black forges of Zharr Naggrund can produce!


Haha, you bet me too it Saxon… This was the plan for my new version of Bull Centaurs. Slap some GSto them and theyll look awesome!


These go together amazingly well: much more so than ogres + cold ones. I’m looking forward to seeing them painted. Good job :slight_smile:


just a quick update:

I’ve done the GS work on the bull centaurs, sadly GS is not my forte due to the fact that I’m grossly unco-ordinated, but I figure you get the drift. Also in hindsight I would recommend GS before attaching the arms - couldn’t get the beard on one of them and it was a bugger to do one the others


Great bull centaurs. With GS work they are perfect… here on CDO we do not really need FW miniatures :wink: