[Archive] WIP Bull Centaur


In an effort to put off starting to study for a french debate, i started fiddling with the BFSP pony and this happened:

Still very much a WIP bull centaur, but i wanted to know what ideas you guys had to improve it. It would be really helpful.

Cheers guys


Looking cool! :slight_smile: The head looks a bit stretched… maybe try to round it up a bit. :slight_smile:


Nice work, I’d recomend puting the head a bit higher but thats very nice greenstuffing

Kera foehunter:

great idea i like it (slave)


Nice! I think the head is a bit big though, he looks kind of like a green martian out of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Which doesn’t have to be a bad thing really. Beard and barding look excellent.


Cheers guys, i no the head looks a bit elongated, but i needed it to be flat for his Bighat. It’ll all be sorted when the dreadlocks are are added round back and sides. Anyway, here’s a little update, the arms are only blue tacked in place (well, yellow GS actually). Hows the progress looking?

Knight Of Awsome:

lol, they have ork arms!, I was also plaining on use ork arms (your using 40k ork arms ). The hat looks a little too big on him, what did you use for the hat?

Kera foehunter:

love the hat what did you use???


KoA and Kera, the hat is a part of a biro, cut up.

more of an update:


Looking good!

Haha, that poor pony body having to hold up all that Chaos Dwarf and armour!


Looks really cool, the head fist much better now too. He’s a tad too small for a bull centaur IMHO, maybe he’s part of the way through transforming

Grongi Blackbeard:

cool! but remember that bulls hav cloven hoofs ^^


Cheers Grongi, almost missed that. Had a hack at one of them, but i figure i’ll just use GS as its the easier alternative. More progress, painting soon to follow

Firstly, details of the Bighat

and here he is balancing precariously on the base:


pinned in place now (and looking less like he’s wearing platform shoes. Had another bash at carving out cloven hooves, what do you think, do they still need GS work?

Oh, and i’ll ask this here as i’m sure i’ll get a more educated response than from vanilla forums, do you think he needs a backbanner…my opinion has gone either way throughout the project, and if so, one or two?

Help me CDO posters, your my only hope

turquois dwarf:

i personly think back banners may not work on somthing centaur like. brilliant detail on the hat and i realy like the base!


i don’t think he’ll look good with backbanners

and to the last line in your post



Good job Al!

I was thinking about the same conversion, but how will you deal with the constitution of a BC unit? I presume you dont have 10 grudge ponies. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

thats so cool i like the base .you did a fine job thats for the updates

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think it looks excellent. I feel rreally bad for finding one personal fault though, which is perhaps to lengthen the body a little to make it not look so small. the cut would be able to be hidden easily with greenstuff scalemail. Inventive idea for the hat, it looks much better with the greenstuff arrows. The rest of the conversion looks brilliant and the hooves came out just fine. perfect even. No greenstuffing them necessary, IMO.


Final update on the centaur, a really enjoyable paint TBH. What do you guys think?