[Archive] WIP Chaos Dwarf Sculpt Updated 09-12-09


Some of you may Know me from the UnderEmpire but if not hi, hello and how are ya. With greetings out of the way I will tell you why I am here and that is a recent sculpt I have been working on, a chaos dwarf.

The dwarf came about from an Abomination I have been working on for my Skaven army, It can be found Here.  I have a lot of down time while waiting for my sculpting wax to cool and heat up so I was looking for something to kill time with. I decided I would read the Indy GT list and got to the modeling section of the book. After seeing all the wonderful conversions and original models in there I figured I would make a dwarf size bust of one. well the bust turned into a full on model very quickly.

So with that said here are my results thus far and sorry for the low quality pictures, I wasnt using my usual lighting method. The last one is a better shot of the front with little color correction.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Great looking the model, the mask and big hat work really well together :slight_smile: What weapons do you think that he will have ?


Thanks for the comment and I plan on giving him either a hammer or ax and shield.

Here is an update that brings much progress with feet, an arm and a bit more detail on the beard. All I have to say is yeah for better lighting :).

Border Reiver:

Nice sculpt - the mask/helm combo is well executed and I look forward to seeing what you do with the arms.


Nice sculpt, I like the cone-shaped armor, even tought if it would be better to show more of the actual anatomy under the armor. Now he looks to flat from side, like he is a thin dwarf… and everybody knows it is not possible :wink:

Is that baking clay?

By the way, cool abomination…


Thanks for the comments thus far :slight_smile: and I have made progress on the model. Both arms are now done so I took some pics with a mock up shield, no it is not the one I intend to use.

Bassman - I took your advice and bulked out his back side a bit more so let me know how it looks now. It is not a clay, I do most of my sculpting in a sculpting wax called Zen made by Willow Products so I will have to cast him to paint.

I intend to do more than just this one now but I am going to use him as a base so that is why I when fo the mask. Hopefully with my next one I can figure out how to do a good enough face. Ok with that said on to the pictures then.


Nice guy! :wink:

IMO the armour has a bit the look of a womans dress … or like a dustcoat which wear the Cowboys in the old Western!

Despite this aspect I like the helmet and the mask.

Nonetheless your modeling skills are light years better than mine!!! :hat off

I’m eager to see your progress!



Dude that is awesome. I don’t have any criticism cause I can’t sculpt to save my life. It looks very nice, but I would strongly suggest following the advice of our veteran sculpter here at CDO.

black hammer:

It does look he’s got a dress and I think the beards could be a bit longer.


I approve the beefing up. I think he looks more “fit” now :wink:

Another suggestion:

why do not beef up the beard? I do not know your wax but I suppose you cannot stick green stuff on it… don’t you?

I suggest you to use these “sausages” of beard as a core of new larger “sausages” and detail better the hair. I usually sculpt the hair with a light pressure of the blade with a 90 degrees angle to the sausage. In this way I create the thin hair of the ringleted beard. First cut on the left, second stroke on the right and the last one in the middle to create the 3d roll of gs and do not flat it.

I’m pretty sure this will improve a lot your mini and you’ll have one of the coolest Chaos Dwarfs here!

I’m longing to see what you get :slight_smile:


Very interesting take on CDs and welcome to the site BTW.

Not sure about the armor, it looks cool but it looks very much like a A-line dress (or do my wife tells me). It’s done well but seems to lack something.


I thank everyone for their comments and now I bring you Mk.2 of the sculpt. Changes include a new more traditional beard and redesigned armour. Hopefully this fixes a bit of the “dress” look as I didn’t like how it was turning out myself. I just hope he didnt end up to skinny now.

You know this started as a spare time sculpt and now I have spent more time messing with it than my other projects. At least it will be done soon, just have to work out the axe and shield for him.

On to the Pictures then and he is even on his own resin base I made.

-EDIT- Here are a few shots with the axe he will be getting


Great work he is look ace :slight_smile: the axe and shield really work well with the model :slight_smile: