[Archive] WIP gorkamorka gang


ive decided to get back into gorkamorka, what with all the new ork releases coming out soon (if you havent seen the truck do so, it will make you want to watch mad max 2!).

the theme for my gang is going to be based on the classic ork wehrmacht style stormboyz.

ive started with the nob of the gang, the biggest meanest ork on angelis prime, Rummel.

as you can see he is one big ork.,towering over one of my black orcs. he is based on the heresy thrud model, which i didnt realise how tiny its head was till the set came. its the first time i have used pro-create instead of green stuff, and in my opinion i hink it is a lt easier to work with.

any comments are much appreciated.


Yay for Gorkamorka!

I found this a fun game although it didn’t last long…

I love the Ork konvershun’ but if your using it for Gorkamorka you may need a smaller stand for him to fit into truks and trakks.

Always remember red un’s go fasta!


if you look closely at both pics, he isnt actually glued to the stand, just balancing on for the photo. im not goingto build his base until the vehicles are done, just to see exactly how much room ive got.


best rule ever-they actually all HAVE to PHYSICALLY fit in the vehicle. IMAGINE THAT!

gogo my morkers with their hot air balloon dirigible zeppelin blimp and barrel of monkey’s pose to fit a chain of orcs leading to the ground!


Ha. Mine were Gorkers and found themselves getting run over quite often. I made my trukks out of old model car kits and I had a cage where I could pile all the scrap collected in. Although my Orcs quite often just piled on one another.


im in the middle of my second model right now, although ive still got quite a bit of work so theres no point showing photos at the minute. this one is based on the heresy big boris who is running. he has been in pieces resting in my bits box for years. why is it barbarian bodies are seeming to make great orks.

only problem with this guy is his pose, he might take up loads of room on a vehicle.


Just make the Trukk bigger :cheers


I wish I’d played gorkamorka - anyone know where you can still get the rules (apart from ebay, whihc I don’t trust


ive seen quite a few of the rulebooks going on ebay, in sets of all 3 (rulebook, uvver book, digganob)

you dont really need anything else to play, just a regular flame and 2" blast template which most people should have, the turning template is just a 45 degree angle, and as far as i know amongst experienced gamers sustained fire dice are usually lying around somewhere.

dont know anywhere else you can get them, although i havent really looked.


ok got an update, the first boy in my gang, beenz (like hienz lol)

based on runing heresy boris, with sculpted face, hat and shirt, and the thighs have been beefed out a bit to make him more orky. undecided on what other weapons he should be carrying.

plus a size comparison between rommel and beenz.


Possibly a slugga?


Looking cool!

Don’t forget you need a twang stick (not a girly tape measure) that way you can beat your foe into submission with it if your mob loses.

Skaven Lord Vinshqueek:

Hey torn, that’s some very nice models you’re creating there.

I too play GorkaMorka (as a Rebel Grot grins…) and think it’s one of the more funnier games created by Games Workshop.

Looking forward to see those models painted.



I may try and hunt down the books, its just I don’t really know whiche-bay sellers to trust and books are a bit tricky on there


i think that you could probably play a game using necromunda rules with the vehicle rules from 2nd ed 40k, and a few stat profiles. as far as i have seen though the rulebooks on ebay go for fairly cheap . . .at least compared to white dwarf presents: chaos dwarfs.

p.s. i have twang sticks


just to let you know the next art of this project might take a while to appear, as the vehicle i have decided to use as my main track has individual links to glue together. woe is me!

on the positive side i may have tempted a friend to do the same and may be able to get an opponent going, and ill get pics of those too.


finally painted up updates