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hey all,

for about the past 2 weeks now i’ve been working on my taurus wo i was wondering what y’all thought?

im quite pleased with it as this is the first large scale sculpting project i’ve tried, i still have a couple of alterations to make to the head (i’ve already ajusted the eyes a little as they looked a bit too much like holes in his head) and im also workin on some wings which are coming along quite well. erm, the gap between the head and the body is because they are 2 seperate pieces.

all of your comments and criticisms are welcome, oh and the rules is there to show the pose that i envisioned when i first started. although he does look oh flat on the ground.

peace out

turquois dwarf:

he is very good. i think i would make the eys more evil. the muscles and proportions are realy good!


cheers, as i mentioned i hav already changed the eyes and they do look allot more evil already


I have a question. What did you use for the white areas of this beast?


ermm… its fimo modelling clay, its good quality stuff and you fire it on to oven to make it go hard. got mine from the range for £1.50

Knight Of Awsome:

ermm... its fimo modelling clay, its good quality stuff and you fire it on to oven to make it go hard. got mine from the range for £1.50

how many packages of FEMO did you use, I'm most defiantly going to make my taurus out of FEMO and green stuff. What bit are the horns made out of, seems like a great size for any taurus.


lol… i actually went out and bought 3 packets, as it turned out i only need a half of 1 lol… there;s more there than u think… and the horns are just off of the chaos marine champion sprue… im gonna end up doing my own though so the full thing is my work

Kera foehunter:

I think its hella cool!!!


Looking good! Ishkur may have a new disciple. :slight_smile:


Looking good!  Ishkur may have a new disciple. :)

lol i never thought of it like that, i am simply a vessel through which hashut may work his magic... just kidding i know im not that good

Grongi Blackbeard:

i cant help thinking that hes smiling : )

great so far!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Awesome, laddie, awesome. One thing: The back left leg. I’d suggest sstraightening the bottom part so that it looks more natural and as though it’s using it to stand on (you may have to remove the FIMO and replace with GS). I asuume you’ll fill the separation with GS at some point?How are you thinking of making the wings?


cheers HB, i can see what you mean about the back leg but they way i was planning to base him he would only actually have one leg on the ground, i envisaged him jusping of a rock (not sure where i got the idea from lol)… so i’ll have to see what he looks like ince i;ve gon the base sorted out and everything, atm im going the wings bu making the basic scructure out of wire, and the using some more fimo to do the membrane, its slightly tricky getting the fimo into such a thin layer but i think im gettin there, i’ll put some pics up soon.


Try making his face look a little more evil.


wow i love it i carnt wait to see the rider and when its painted


cheers, i havn’t painted it yet as i origionally had plans of casting it for people on the forum but im not to sure about the idea now, we’ll see… would anyone be interested, i realize it nothing amazing

Knight Of Awsome:

How much would it cost for a cast? I’m thinking if i wanted a cast its going to be one of your heads because i think i can sculpt that body with no problems.


ermm i havn’t really thought about prices much, probs £3 or something like that for the head i would think, however i’d have to see if anyone else was interseted otherwise it wouldn’t be worth me making the moulds


what do you think of using modeling clay, whitch just needs to dry in air? I’m trying to use it, but it gets smaller when it’s dry, so that’s really anoying

Hashut’s Blessing:

Most welcome. Card would’ve been easier as the flat of the wings than FIMO. I’d have to see the current sculpt with wings to say if I’d buy it. Also, unless the rock was sculpted into the model as part of it (and as a result, weighted properly or with some form of forward support), I’d prefer the change to the back leg before payment.