[Archive] WIP great taurus



If you wanted to sell casts, I suggest just casting the bull bits without any additional CD bits/Hashut livery etc.

I don’t see why GW should have the copyrights on the form of a bull and I think many people on this forum would want the headstart on a Taurus conversion your model would afford them.


well work on the taurus has slowed doen a little over the past week, i’ve had too much other family stuff going on which i wound go into. (things always get in the way of warhammer when you know u have something really cool you wanna work on)

anyways im gonna start up again today, im working on the wings and trying to get them done, i was thinking about the scale of the taurus and i figure ifs about the same (if not slightly bigger) than the stag, but heres a picture for you to judge yourselfs.

@HB… i’ll look into sculpting a rock, or if there is some other terrain feature prople would prefer? then then please let me know.

@GRNDL… this was actually one of my ideas when starting the project, and is one of the reasons why i have stayed away from adding too much detail etc. so that it could be used as a basic blank onto which peole can add their own details.

Kera foehunter:

it looks to scale Abyss . So are you planning a cool sorceror to ride him??


It’s not lammasu - sorceror can’t ride it


you are correct, sadly i havn;t had much time to complete any sort of character riding the taurus as i havn;t had much time, in fact my chaos dwarfs and the hobby in general have been quite neglected. im hoping to make another taurus though… a little bigger this time i think

Knight Of Awsome:

lol i try ed making my great Taurus, i made his legs into three parts and his body in two parts, then i baked him, wired the joints and he became a robot rapter…:~ I’m going to try one more time…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Rock was just the first thing that came to mind, but it could be a stalagmite/stalagtite (the one on the floor going up :stuck_out_tongue: ) or a mini volcano… I would guess that it is a little longer than a Stag, but I don’t know…