[Archive] WIP Slann Mage Priest, Need some help


Recently got my hands on an old slann mage priest from my local miniature store and am working on to fit my dinosaur themed lizardmen. Here’s what I done got so far.

(Note I have a banner i’m custom building but don’t have the proper attachment for the back.)

Unfortunetly it didn’t come with the horns it was suppose to so I have to try and make my own. I want him to be ridding on top of a dinosaur but i’m not able to find a good models that is big enough to hold him up or is able to fit into a unit of temple guard. Any ideas on what would work?


how big is your unit of temple guard? (steg!)


I am with Fequiil a stegadon is the best way of doing then you can have him as mazamundi or it you want want him as that you could have him being carried around by temple guard like back in the old days


My temple guard unit would be about 21 or more strong. I don’t really want him on a stegadon becouse i’m not making mazamundai(even though it would make a perfect edition to my army). I have thought about the temple guard carring him but I wanted to fit more of my dinosaur theme then stick with the original. Also when I got the model it didn’t have most of the bitz like the horns or one of the poles with the arms for one of the sides.


I actually own the model!!! I built him on a turtle:)

I used the ols stegadon back plate (the one with the logs on it), and then I used the old salamander’s head, feet and tail to create a suitable lizzie, dino thing-monster!!! You can always say that the 1 strentght 3 attack is the turtle trying to snap at the foe (plus Movement 4 it’s perfect:))


A Dinosaur big enough to carry a Slann, yet small enough to fit in a unit… and it can’t be a Stegadon…? Hmmmm, a tough one. If your modelling skills are up to it, I would suggest converting the Stegadon or something similar into another kind of Dinosaur.

This was always one of favourites from 7th ed, the original Engine of the Gods:


I remember this. It’s kinda ashame they never keeped the old rules for it in my opinion or even released it as an actual model.

Anyway my sculpting skills are…ok to say the least. I would either buy something or have someone else sculpt it for me. If I bought something I would but one of the dinosaur people from the 100 kingdoms that black orc games have(probably the stego looking guys) and sense I get 2 for $10.00(or so thay claim) i’d just have them carry him. If I commissioned someone to sculpt something I would like it to be either an ankylosaurus or come up with something that look like a mix between an ankylosaurus and a turtle using the body of a reaper dragon turtle as the main body.