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Thought I would get in on this None CD showcase thingy, so here’s the reason my CDs are coming on so slowly…


Fire Dragons

Wraith Lord. (I have posted this before)


I’m quie proud of these, they are pretty good IMO.��I’ve got all the models I need assembled, if I could just get them all painted…


Wow! These Eldar are awesome! Clean, great bases, very professional looking! Your pride is well justified. How did you do the Guardians’ white armour?


Wow!��These Eldar are awesome!��Clean, great bases, very professional looking!��Your pride is well justified.��How did you do the Guardians' white armour?

Spray white undercoat, wash with watered down skull white then fine-line shading with black ink and a very thin brush. Takes ages!


Spray white undercoat, wash with watered down skull white then fine-line shading with black ink and a very thin brush.��Takes ages!

A simple technique that produces a great result.
Genius :hat off


Wow Holy crap these eldar are awesome! Nice clean painting and bright colors always win in my book. HH for the win!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

The new eldar models are so damn cool, I have recently thought of updating my old eldar army and turning them into Void Dragon mercenaries. :slight_smile: Your classic Biel Tan scheme is very nice, I know how hard it is to reach a smooth, evenly white finish. So thumbs up for these minis, Sir!

Kera foehunter:

i like them all . great paint job i give them a 10


Excellent very clean and crisp,love the freehand and pilots :hat off


OMG how do you have the patinece to paint all the gems on eldar armour that well! I did Sann-Heim Eldar for ages but they suck compared to these guys!


Thanks guys! glad you like 'em.��Here’s my ‘still-wet-to-touch’ Warlock

[ Edit ] still so wet to touch that I’ve left a thumb print on the base - Damn!

Hope you like him!

Working on my Rangers at the minute.

@ Ishkur:

Yes I love the new range.��For me it’s the most ‘complete’ range of models they do for 40K.��That is to say, every other army has at least 1 character or unit I don’t like the look of so would have to convert, but the Eldar are such beautifull models, I can field an entire army without feeling it necessary to alter one figure! (I have converted the Wrathlord to have a pointing finger on his hand, but that is the sum total of the conversion work I have planned for this army!)


Yeah, if the eldar weren’t still so expensive I would start collecting them again. There is one thing I have to disagree with you on - the jetbikes’ riders need to be updated


the gem stone things look amazing ive always found them really hard to paint. you have them spot on. get a forgeworld avatar !!!


OK, so not my star elves, but I thought here was as good a place to put them!

These scouts are part of my latest project, I’m hoping to suppliment the AoBR boxed set and end up with a reasonable sized marine and ork army.  Never tried greenskins before, so that should be interesting!

I’m just gonna keep posting all my off topic showcase stuff here, maybe I should change the thread title?

Kera foehunter:

wow!!! this is worth the wait!!! nice figures hammerhand!!!


Never tried greenskins before, so that should be interesting!

I've been playing Orks (Deathskulls to be specific) since Rogue Trader. They are, without a doubt, the most fun army there is, while still being deadly serious.

Just shout up & throw a few teef my way if you need any help ;)


wow!!!!!! this is worth the wait!!!! nice  figures hammerhand!!!!

Kera foehunter
Kera you are such a sweetie! have a couple of slaves for being nice all the time!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking damned fine, as to be expected, Hammerhand. I can definitely say that these are some of the utmost proffessional models I have ever seen. They are painted in a way that somehow is in-keeping with the 'Eavy Metal team, yet surpasses with precision and beauty. Congratulations on having such a finely painted army, the patience to do the white and thin lines and for having such a talented hand (in a non-perverse sense :wink: ). Each model is a beauty and your eye-pieces, gems, greens and ink-lining are outstandingly amazing.

So, what else can we expect to see in the upcoming months and weeks as part of your armies? particularly the eldar…

Brilliant camoflauge effect on the capes. How did you do it? E.G. Plan each shape and which colours etc…


Nice minis you got there! I like especially the white armour on the Biel-Tan eldars and the camo on the scouts. Wraithlord is awesome as well! If you’d want to improve them further, I could only think of highlighting the edges on the green parts of your eldar a lil’ bit more. Other than that, they rock!

Edit: Actually other green parts look fine but the falcon and the weapon platform could be better with more highlights on the edge.


Your paint jobs are spectacular.


Very clean & nice paintjobs, thanks for sharing!