[Archive] Wish i'd bought those back in the day


Searching over ebay and i found this. 70 pounds (at time of post) for 8 figures. Wish i’d bought a few boxes of them a few years back, better return than a savings account. Another example of ebay madness.

Any better examples about?


For those? Wow, I could probably find loads of them here for cheap!

Kera foehunter:

just do dogs of war you can find them cheep .Al-hashut

i seen a week or so a go bullcentaur going for 100.00 for 4 of them

or buy now 21.00 a piece


Extortionate. I’d hate to be in need of a few cursed company to finish off a regiment. A blister of them guys is usually about the cost of your average box.

I’m glad i’ve got enough vintage mercs for my DOW (God Bless Unit Fillers). I got my lorenzo lupo for about 2 quid, lacking shield. I saw one go up complete and sold for more than 15. 13pounds for a shield, and at that a not very attractive shield, it’s crazy. It’s not as though anyone with mediocre gs skills and a round empire shield couldn’t copy the design


Its a shame. Carboot sales used to be the best place to pick up bargains. A friend of mine got the 2nd and 3rd ed rulebooks, both realms of chaos books, all the 4th ed stuff and awhole stack of old WDs for £5 ($10). Many years back mind, since then ebay has taken over and made it a seller’s market


HA, i think i’ve found out why there’s so much ebay interest. This has got to be joke.

I mean, 55quid for 12men. 15 for 3. What, did they sign a contract with the DOW traders on ebay, it wasn’t as if they weren’t already turning the screw before with Ltd Eds and Rares such as MarcoPolo and LucrezzaBelladonna. Prices for certain regiments were already rocketing when the DOW boxes were 25pounds from GW, now more than a 50% price hike out of the blue. In dollars it sounds even more mental.

I just hope i can find a big enough Fabergé egg to carry my army around in. God forbid anything happens to my ‘priceless’ lead figurines whose pikes snap if i sneeze on them.

sorry for the rant


How many Marco Polo minis would you like? Back when I worked for GW the Amsterdam store gave 'em away as freebees with large sales sometimes! (okay, that might have been me but you get the picture! :stuck_out_tongue: )