[Archive] Witch-King into a CD lord?


Has anyone else seen this new witch king?!


It looks like if you trimmed him down, then he could make a great sorcerer.

Whats your opinion?

Pyro Stick:

Wouldnt it be completely out of scale? It would be way too skinny as well and the head would be pea sized compared to other chaos dwarfs so you would have to beef it up a lot but by then you would have done so much work that you might as well have just converted a sorceror from scratch.


I have several LOTR humans and they are way way smaller than dwarfs. Skinny, small heads, and everything else. We would really really have to bulk him up and IMHO it wouldn’t be worth all the work. :cheers

Hashut’s Blessing:

As has been said, he is too thin, but he would also be too tall. On top of which, it may affect your decision, but you wouldn;t be able to use him at tournaments due to specific licensing deals between GW and New Line Cinemas.