[Archive] WoC/LoA 2k


A buddy of mine is in the process of assembling a Dwarf army, much to the lament of my Tz WoC (all those dispell dice, organ guns and cannons!). But the dark gods frown on sniveling, so some plotting began, and a seed of fondness for one of the coolest factions in the old world drew me here (where i have been lurking for days). The great conversions, and excellent tactics section of this site especially sold me (quite literally, as i have a pack of Forgeworld Sorcerers, a Magmacannon, and bits for fireglaive IG on the way). I shall fight fire with fire! (of Hashut!)

I plan over time to build the CD aspect up to a full standalone army, including a lammasu mounted prophet, but I’m a little to excited about CD now that my appetite for them has been whetted to wait :stuck_out_tongue:

hopefully i didn’t miss a rule about ‘pure’ LoA/RH lists only… >.> couldn’t think of anywhere better to get list advice on anything CD related :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorcerer Lord (lore of Tz) 360
-lvl4, MoTz, scaled skin, chaos familiar, talisman of endurance

Daemonsmith Sorcerer (lore of fire) 100
-charmed shield

Exalted Hero (BSB ) 205pts
-Talisman of preservation, MoTz, enchanted shield, and 3rd eye of Tz

Warriors (19) 368 (bsb here)
-HW+S, MoTz, full command, standard of discipline

Warriors (14) 268 (lord here)
-HW+S, MoTz, full command

Infernal Guard (10) 180
-fireglaives, musician

Warshrine 135

Helcannon 210

Magmacannon 170

1996 pts

Daemonsmith hangs out with the Magmacannon and Helcannon, helping to avert disaster/chasing away small units of war machine hunters, while tossing fireballs at things that need fireballing (namely things that warpflame from lore of Tz gives regen saves to).

A side note on the warshrine, a lot of WoC players dont like em… Ive had nothing but favorable results. It keeps my lords/heroes from turning into spawn, and may pop out a free prince! (Not to mention being able to select between multiple buffs for your champions.) Thought about using a chariot instead though, and using the 25 extra points for a standard bearer/banner of swiftness so the IG can keep pace w/ the Warrior blocks.

Thoughts/criticisms? All are appreciated! :hat off

(I’ll have some pictures posted w/in the next few weeks, once i have some models in my hands to start working on.)