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A second look at the gorebeast pulling the chariot and the armoured front limbs really remind me of the WIP K’Daai Destroyer.



Da Crusha:

Am I the only one instantly put off by the prices? Are people actually considering buying these sets? I'm honestly curious.

where did you see those prices?

Kera foehunter:

Troll King is boss, nothing else tickles me.

I like the troll to:hat off


First picture, klick to expand :slight_smile:

Am I the only one instantly put off by the prices? Are people actually considering buying these sets? I’m honestly curious.

where did you see those prices?

Da Crusha


Am I seeing right that 10 plastic forsaken are £30 or £35?!?! :o

Damn…  I hope not.


I agree the troll king looks cool and just asking for our kdaai destroyer to flame him to bits.

Not so impressed by the others,

Am dreading to see the prices in Aussie dollars though. Prob $95 for the three plastic dragon ogres- that’s $100 US and £64!

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Funny enough I’m not looking forward to this release. As a WoC player, I’m excited to see the changes and the new opportunities but I’m so invested in Chaos Dwarves right now, the timing is just off. But…but…they’re so pretty I’m going to HAVE to buy more stuff!


I have this sinking feeling that the rules slot for the Hellcannon could get replaced by this:

As in, "Treat your old Hellcannon as a Mutalith Vortex Beast."

I hope this isn’t the case, but it looks a lot like a Hellcannon…


Am I seeing right that 10 plastic forsaken are £30 or £35?!?! :o

Damn...  I hope not.

Looks like £30 to me, and 35 for the Dragon Ogres.




Am I seeing right that 10 plastic forsaken are £30 or £35?!?! :o

Damn...  I hope not.

It's £30 or �,�40, yeah.
It's a hobby, man. Not a cheap hobby but for sure not the priciest. And Warhammer was never cheap. My brother-in-law spends thousands of �,� for pimped motorcycles and runs one after another to scrap. So I have a clear conscience for spending a few hundred �,� for my hobby.

Yeah, I know Warhammer is expensive. It was expensive when I started playing ~15 years ago. It's always had steeper-than-normal price rises over the years, but it seems the prices are suddenly rising even faster.

Of course there's always more expensive hobbies, but the prices just seem so completely out of touch with the competition or well, the world in general...

The reason I'm so shocked and well, upset I suppose, is because I really love the hobby in general and GW has played an important part in it for most of the years. So it's sad that GW can now no longer be part of the hobby-enjoyment for me - and I don't even want to think about introducing a friend to GW gaming. I honestly simply can't even fathom convincing someone to start the hobby buy buying 10 Forsaken at �,�40 or a lord for �,�20.

Don't get me wrong though Herby, I'm not trying to tell you or anyone else what to buy or not or judging anyone based on how they choose to spend their money, not at all. It just seems that GW's prices have finally reached a critical point for me personally. I just can't shake this genuine emotion of disbelief and a sense of madness at seeing those prices.

I guess I've gotten spoiled buying historicals and mantic miniatures.

Sorry for the semi-off-topic rant, but I just need to get this off my chest.

Kera foehunter:

Kera says Good !!! GOOD USE YOUR ANGER turn to the dark side…

As she does her Emperors voice from Start wars :0


Hmm. If the Hellcannon does get replaced (unlikely), we can use it as an opportunity to make a suggestion to FW on exactly what we want the rules to be for it. As they would have to release a rules pdf for it, but it wouldn’t have to be the same as it was…


Thoroughly dissapointed. Warriors of Chaos are my main army but I think I’ll be foregoing this release. Changing the Dragon Ogre’s base size makes all of mine utterly redundant. They’re based on cold ones so they’d look ridiculous on those huge bases. Likewise £30 for foresaken is ludicrous, unless they’ve become much better. I like the minis (the chariot excepted) but it really isn’t enough to tempt me to shell out those prices.

On the prices, yes it’s always been expensive but the issue is oporutnity cost. With new army books now costing £30, it means that rulebooks alone now set you back £75 before you buy a single miniature. That’s not to mention the cost of scenery plus dice, tape measures, templates, army cases and all the other stuff you need. The cost of Warhammer is going up faster than virtually everything else, meaning the sacrifices you have to make to stick with the hobby are growing. I’ve stopped buying because of this and I’m sure I’m not alone.


Am I the only one instantly put off by the prices? Are people actually considering buying these sets? I'm honestly curious.

Nope, you are most defiantly not, luckily in Holland no GW only tournaments and enough cheap alternatives.

I hope the price of marauders go up and the gateway instakill spell gets nerved.

And for the rest its just waiting for the new Hellcannon rules, whatever happens I've used it and we had fun (:

Kera foehunter:

Later that day Jmr.


Odd !!Willmark steps in does that mean Willmark the Father of Jmr ??


My comments taken from our local forum:

I can’t STAND the new aesthetic.

Too smooth and plastic-y. On everything. It all looks like Warmahordes stuff. And I hate that stuff. So I hate all of this stuff. Every bit of it.

See my comment here:

Give me this over that anyday:

I hate the direction the models in this game are going.

A local player comments about some advantages. I reply
With the advent of computer sculpting, the artists are able to refine and re-use components and more efficiently design the sculpts to work together and achieve a unified aesthetic.  This may or may not be a good thing depending on personal taste.

That’s fine, but why does the Aesthetic have to look like Privateer Press shit?

It certainly opens up new possibilities with dual-purpose kits that fit perfectly together,
I actually hate this idea. It may save GW some scratch, but the results are always so compromised. I don’t like that a Plague Furnace looks like a Screaming Bell with a different top piece. I hate that a Warp Lightning Cannon looks like a Plagueclaw catapult. I think the Empire chariots are ALL too similar (even the War Altar that has a separate kit!). It’s a compromised, boring way to do it.
interchangeability between Plastic kits (Empire, High Elves, etc)
For the same reasons above, I hope we never see that. We certainly haven’t yet.
and upgrade kits that actually fit as well.
Could be useful.
Hopefully this will also address the scale issues that always seem to occur when some kits are changed and others are not, GW can now have a digital model of the “scale” of a Chaos warrior, Elf, human etc. so they won’t end up having a dwarf that towers over an empire spearman or a kroxigor that is the same size as a saurus.
That would be great if they were doing it. I haven’t seen any evidence of that yet.
Like it or not, this is the direction that GW is headed.  Hopefully the designers will re-discover the character that they put into the old models in a way that works with the new methods and everyone will be happy again.
Why can’t GW have all the GOOD things of computer aided modelling, and keep some sense of character or interest in their models. Look at all the bloody Chaos stuff, all the blank smooth surfaces. That’s not Chaos and it’s not interesting. I am pretty sure Kingdom Death uses entirely computer aided sculpting, so how come they can have interesting models like this when GW can’t?

This is a Chaos Lord:

Not this:

Shame the shitty one is made by GW.
Another local player comments that Rackham stuff is their favourite. I reply
That Rackham stuff is the worst offender, and best example of the style that I see GW stuff sliding towards. It’s like a sliding scale from Old GW stuff at 0 to new GW stuff and Privateer Press stuff at 75, and that Rackham stuff at 100. It’s like impressionist miniatures.

That’s exactly the kind of aesthetic that I don’t want to see in this game.

The old miniatures were never realistic, because they couldn’t be. But they were trying to be.

Now that they can be realistic, they have given up, and are instead trying to be “artistic”.

My absolute favourite miniatures GW has ever produced (without a lie - these are my favourite!):

Simple, effective. Within the bounds of reason and plausibility. Like Nazi gasmasks built in the 1400’s on evil ratmen.

Compare that with this:

Sure, Ikit is a “better” sculpt. But it’s also, in my opinion, far, far worse. And the reason I think it’s worse, is because it looks more like this:

Thommy H:

How is that Avatars of War model any different from the GW one in terms of design aesthetic?


How is that Avatars of War model any different from the GW one in terms of design aesthetic?

Thommy H
Look at the detailing. Look at the relative size of the shoulder pads. Look at their capes.  Look at their heads, weapons, anything. Look at what they are standing on. They are NOTHING alike.

Everywhere I look on the Avatars of War model, I find another interesting detail, something that I can paint to bring a little more story, a little more life out of the figure. The GW one has comically over-sized gauntlets, comically over-sized greaves, comically oversized chest and shoulder pads, and big blank spaces of flat armour. The AoW one looks like a fantasy miniature. The GW one looks like a toy.

Thommy H:

It’s, like, the exact same figure.

Also, there’s absolutely no way you can judge the GW models from these photos. These are poor resolution photographs of shots in a magazine.

Kera foehunter: