[Archive] Wood elves the bane of this campaign


Wood elves are probly getting one of the most unfair advantage to tis champaign, they can move the tree and walk threw them with out penalty.This is bad because its recomended that you use more forist terain.Lucky no one in my area plays wood elves just thought you guys might want to know.:h

Lepreh Khan:

We don’t really move that much anyways. The only thing they can do with tree singing is hide line of sight from our War machines, so the simple remedy is to either spread them out (while still protecting them adequately) or just save all your dispel dice/scrolls to dissipate the spell. The rest of their spells aren’t that great anyways. If they take a lvl 4, then maybe they’ll get Bear’s anger and they’ll be wasting their magic phase keeping that spell up.

It won’t be any different than any other game. They get to bring a forest anyways.

-Lepreh Khan

Uzkul Werit:

Tree Singing is brilliant for us! Bring your fragile units even closer into blunderbuss fire!


Yes we all know WE hate BB’s.No rolls to hit is there hell.


I’ve been looking at the rankings, and whilst its still very early I think the Bretonnians are going to be hard to shift from near the top.

Uzkul Werit:

While us on the other hand are doing pretty naff. Only Hordes of Chaos are below us! I’m glad we didn’t side with them now.


yea, don’t rub it in i’m near the bottom, it’s not nice. also, the ammount of orc players (if all CD players joined them) means you guys are realy innactive


Well thats a curious point of view.��In most regions the O&G are posting almost double the number of battles than all races other than Dwarfs and Empire.��So if a few of them simply mention us that will be a huge amount of mentions by the end.

Added to this at Da Warpath and other places we have access to the people right near the top of the organisers.

So IMO it was and is a good move.