[Archive] Woohoo


I am now the proud owner of an old CD army book (won the bid a couple hours ago.)

I am also able to pick up my two boxes of BFSP tomorrow. Everyone wish me luck in my converting.

Good week for me, lol.


Congrats man! I wish you luck, you’ll have a blast!



I got the old army book too before converting. I found the images really helped me with mustaches and hats, as that was the style I was going after.

Edited for grammar, It helps for ease of reading. Ellimist


Nice buy, best of luck with the army.




so the bid I bought turned out to be a jack pot, the army book I thought I was getting ended up being the much harder to find White Dwarf Presents: Chaos Dwarfs books.

Lets just say I was excited upon opening my package

no need to get an old army book now