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Post your worst workshop accidents!

A few days ago, i stabbed myself with a xacto knife, the WHOLE blade went in my leg. To this day, im not kidding, my leg is STILL numb.


A few days ago, i stabbed myself with a xacto knife, the WHOLE blade went in my leg. To this day, im not kidding, my leg is STILL numb.

I think the worst I've gotten is an Xacto blade in the finger tips a few times, and a shaving of plastic in the eye.  

As for bad hobby workshop accidents not involving my body, I was working on some 40K terrain that I'd spent about 20+ hours on and very happy with.  I undercoated everything thoroughly (I thought) in black acrylic paint... and stupidly I had some plastic bits already glued down that needed priming, so I thought I'd just spray primer on the whole thing.  I sprayed it and within seconds it started caving in on itself and losing all the fine detail I'd done. My wife heard me from the backyard where I was spraying the primer: "F*******************CK!!!"  That was dumb. I never did fix it or re-do it.

I do, however, have a similar tale to yours not involving me.  At my work one day I was bringing a very attractive guest into our lab for a tour, as we walked in I was aware that two of the other guys in the group were working at the back, and as I find them a little clueless and bordering on incompetent at times I just ignored what they were doing and proceeded to show things off in the lab.  In the middle of an explanation I turned around to point out something at the back of the room... and to my horror clued in to what was going on at the back of the lab - there were the two guys, one of them with one leg up on a table and his pants all the way down and in a pile around his other ankle, and the other guy kneeling in front of him doing "something". I knew it wasn't what it looked like, but I also really didn't want to know because if it involved those two guys it would be something dumb, probably compounded with something dumber.

As quickly as I could I tried to draw the woman's attention away from the back of the lab and to something behind us... but man, it was too late.

Turns out that one of the guys had dropped a scalpel blade from the bench and it went through his pants and embedded itself in his leg.  Why, oh why, did it seem like a good idea to take his pants off in there instead of holding his hand over it and going to be bathroom (which was immediately beside our lab, 10 seconds from where he was), I have no idea...

Our guest never did return either.
PS Another accident involved a 77 Kelvin glass capillary that was capped and upside down in liquid nitrogen. It was filled with liquid nitrogen and warmed up a little... unfortunately one of the women in our lab was looking straight down at it (dumb) and wasn't wearing safety specs (dumber!!!!!) and it shot out like a rocket... and she got it straight in the eye.  Oh, and the capillary was a big one the size of a pencil.

Kera foehunter:

well i had a few cuts with the hobby knife (but not the size xander uses)

i pin all my stuff and i use a 6 volt cordless drill and i have from time to time drill into my fingers

probable do to the soft Princess hands


Worst hobby accidents for me generally revolve around molten metal and relentless stabbing with scapel blades.  After I replaced my broken blade recently (the nice blunt one), I cut myself at least 5 times over the next couple of weeks.

Nothing serious though.

Worst non hobby ‘accident’ was probably hitting my foot with a sledgehammer a few years back.  That hurt for a while.

My manager at where I used to work used superglue instead of eyedrops once.

Kera foehunter:


I’ve sliced my thumb to the bone with a craft knife (1" Stanley knife) when I was 10. Damn Triceratops model…

I’ve driven a pin vice drill bit through my thumb nail.

I’ve had hot resin stuck on my hands while it bloomed.

I sliced my hands to ribbons while sculpting polyurethane pumpkins with kitchen knives.

Also, my stepdaughter slashed her foot open with a craft knife while building an indian village for a school project. That was a peach of a day.

The only thing I’ve learned is that you must suffer for your art.

Kera foehunter:

Do you want me to send your ear back Grndl

Keep the band ades close


Well despite constatly nicking my fingers with razor blades and exacto knifes of which recently i took off a bit of knuckle (im a bit slash happy). The worst happend when i was helping my friend on how to approach painting his tomb kings. Pulled out my knife was screwing around while the mini’s dried sliced open my hand, of which the scar i still have, well and instead of letting good blood go to waste i “varnished” one of his warriors shields which were paited red. Of course the blood didnt stop flowing for about 2 hours but hey all good in the end.


Last week, while carving out a weapon handle on one of my black orcs for my BB team, my knife slipped and cut into the pad of my left thumb. The blade exited less than a millimeter from my thumbnail and then came to rest in the side of my right thumb, about two millimeters from going through it as well…that’s probably the worst so far.

Once, when I worked maintenance for the local McDonald’s, I was breaking down a box with a box cutter, it slipped and placed itself firmly into my thigh.

I also have a terrible habit of drilling too far into models, I notice it when my thumb starts to hurt from the drill bit digging into it.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

A few weeks ago I ruined my favourite pair of Levi’s 512 jeans by spilling some resin on one leg.

Boy did that hurt my heart. :frowning:


Multiple stab wounds here, drill punches and errant glue accidents here.