[Archive] Worst sculpt ever?


Well, this is less about CDs and more about the hobby as a whole- what’s the worst sculpt you’ve ever seen, that’s produced by a legitimate company?


Nagash. Plain and simple.

Nothing causes my eyes to bleed more then the killer clown of the undead.


but think of the hat!

foaming mad furkisson get my vote for worst sculpted CD…

Uzkul Werit:

I thought that Furkisson was sweet!

I have two Marauder CD minis I’m not keen on. One looks like a Beastmen and the other has a mace that covers ,most of his face.


The Gary Morely Chaos Possessed, thank god they’re being replaced…

Pyro Stick:

foaming mad furkisson get my vote for worst sculpted CD...

I hate that guy as well. there is no detail to him. i have no idea how im supposed to paint him and make him look good.

I actually like nagash.


Let me be more specific: Post the worst sculpt you’ve ever seen, and also a picture, so we can compare them all.


Well, I don’t have a picture of him, but i’m going to have to vote for Nagash (AKA Bobo the Clown) as well.


Well, I don't have a picture of him, but i'm going to have to vote for Nagash (AKA Bobo the Clown) as well.


For everyone's eye gouging pleasure

I present.... Bobo the Clown


But… that’s a hell of a lot of detail in one mini! One arm looks a little wonky, but other than that… what’s wrong with it?



If you have ever seen the miniature not so up close…you’d see the problems with it. Basically it looks like one gigantic walking skeletal clown. I’m not kidding. I loathe and hate the model. It looks utterly nuts considering Nagash’s level of power. That thing does not inspire terror and fear.

It inspires hilarity.

I actually saw a dude who had a miniature of Nagash modified and painted up to look like a Clown. I’m dead serious.

I’d post better pictures, but Google images only brought up 2 good ones, and that one was the best close up of it.

The Dark One:

i personally like the Nagash model

the model i vote for the worse sculpt is the chaos possessed releaed for Cities of Death (well 3 of them anyways)

Thommy H:

i personally like the Nagash model

The Dark One:0

Why? It really is an awful, awful model. Given the scale, the thing just looks like a kid in a suit or something. The anatomy is a total mess, the head doesn't actually look like a skull, the posing is stiff and lifeless...I could go on...

Never mind that this guy is supposed to be one of the most awe-inspiring characters in the entire background too :rolleyes:


nagash could be worse though and it does look like a skull mask, which is better than a skull because nagash isn’t actualty dead, he’s immortal, anyway, the worst is to buried in the past to refind but belive me, it’s kept in GW headquaters with a sighn saying

avoid any resemblance to this at all costs

it was released for 2 months before being recalled and resculpted and was one of the first models ever producd by the big GW


I don’t dislike the Nagash model, it just looks odd to me. Being immortal is one thing, but making yourself bigger than an Ogre with some body parts out of proportion - it just looks weird. Is he wearing a corset to get that narrow waist? Why is his head/skull so big? And those hands!

Most of the Dark Eldar models are awful, lizardmen look silly, but the kings of badness are Chaos Ogres and Chaos Trolls. They might have been acceptable 20 years ago, but against the current stuff they are terrible both in style and concept.

Thommy H:

Ah, let’s not forget the current korxigors, which are just horrendous. Oh, and the BFSP models, which only become decent when they’re covered in green stuff and turned into Dawi’Zharr :wink:


Minty, which model is the worst? I was confused…

I agree, most of the last possessed are not the best models ever produced by GW, only two of them are acceptable, the champion especially.

Uzkul Werit:

The Chaos Ogres! How did I forget about them! The current Possessed weren’t too bad. I just saw them as a little useless, seeing as the Chaos Marine box had a mutations sprue anyway.


GW originally did another version of Nagash, which wasn’t released.

There are many terrible models out there, by many many companies. Perhaps limiting the discussion to GW will keep everything on the level.

Lemartes is really bad.

He was one of Mike McVey’s training sculpts and I don’t know why it was released.

The Death Company marines also by Mike McVey looked more like Dancing Marines (feel the beat of the tambourine, oh yeah!). They were replacements for Jes Goodwin’s excellent (and anatomically in proportion) models.

I’m also hating the new Ogryns. The heads are atrocious.



Death Company Dancing Marines:



Uzkul Werit:

Those Death Company Marines aren’t bad. Orgyns? Are this coming out with that new 40K supplement?