[Archive] WotR 500 urukhai


some urukhai, that i painted during the summer.


great job man! how do you make the black metalic armor??? looks good

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking VERY good so far. What’re the plans for the expansion to the army? Is that Lurtz as your general?

What’s the list then? :smiley:

My suggestions for expansion (personal taste) would be for more pikes, crossbows, mayhaps a troll, try and get some more characters/captains in.


lol, for a split second i thought you made some uruk hai gyrocopters (top left) :stuck_out_tongue:


hehe, thx for your comments, for the metal i belive i just used a black wash over boltgun metal, quite simpel, which i needed for so many minis.

im not sure im ever gona expand this army since Wotr seems kinda dead in swedens GW.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Most welcome for the comments. Why not try to strike up a WotR following? Ask the GW if you can run a WotR night there. Maybe WotR and LotR so that those with LotR can expand into WotR…

At the very least, you can make it impressive and have LOTS of options for LotR lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, what’s your 500 point list then?