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Hi all, I am brand new to this site, and would like (need?) to get my dirty hands on a Chaos Dwarf Army, alas I am hopeless and painting and converting (I’m one of those guys who just likes to play), so I need to find the model as Games-Workshop is not cooperating.

The reason I want to play this army is I can help to get them back in the spot light, I have a couple of National Championship belts of the country I play in, and I not only want to play a army that is unique, complex, fun, and good looking, I will want to play to win, and with a little luck I could go far. Hell if this army starts to win national championships GW will have to wake up a little.:stuck_out_tongue:

But I cant find many models, All I need is one of each type, then (and I will stop the moment GW starts cooparating again) I can churn them out Chaos Dwarf style. I am not going to beat about the bush: If you have any to sell I am intersseted, If you are a converter then you have my ear. painted or not I will look into all offers.

Thank you Polo.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

All I can say is either try converting/painting from the Battle for Skull Pass set, or look in the Market Place thread for someone selling their army or older figures.

Best of luck!


So you plan to recast these models, in other words? I don’t think anyone here would want to encourage that, though I suppose it’s not quite so bad if you only plan on personal use.


for what you are attempting, i’d suggest Ebay.


Problem you have here matey (apart from the legality of what you propose) is that if people start reproducing them then it also cheapens the expensive collections we have put alot of time and money into.

Can’t say I havent considered it myself but in the end I bit the bullet and trawled this site, ebay and bartertown to get myself a 100% legit army (which I adore).


I think for around $200 to $250, not necessarily all at once, you could buy the army off ebay. There are often 20-25 man plastic big hats with metal command up there for between $30 and $45, usually closer to the $30 side. The hobgoblins is where you could sell a lung to get enough original models. You might have to look into using some existing goblin models and mix then with a box of gnoblars and just call them slaves.


It´s not very unusual that whole armies were offered at eBay. I saw 3 or 4 in the last 3 month.

Certainly you have to look international and they cost mostly about 200-300 Euro which is not really bad for a whole army …



For Bull Centaurs you could get the Blood Bowl guy,assuming he hasn’t been dropped. Just glue a Great Weapon strapped to his back and as shield to a fist and you should be good.

A little pricey, but very easy… plus I’ve seen BC go for a lot on e-bay.