[Archive] Would you want to mess with this guy?


Hey guys would you want to Fight this guy if Warhammer was real life?

CoolMiniOrNot - Troops of the Napoleonic Wars - Grand Duchy of Warsaw by rafalmpolkowski

The Brain:

Ha, I beat him up in elementary school and stole his lunch money.

No seriously awesome fig. Is it yours?


Nope im new to Painting and stuff it belongs to jamsessionein of Cool mini or not



he has some other cool things in his gallery


This guy is one massive green skin with allot of talent :slight_smile:


He sure is

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I followed the build wip on LO ages ago. I forgot to check around for the finished product. It is an awesome mini. The choppas and things he created out of plasticard before going with the calgar fists are really impressive too.