[Archive] Wow, just wow

Ghrask Dragh:

Thats definetly not cool, everything they’ve done just reeks man. I really wouldn’t want to be these guys right about now :slight_smile:


Is anyone surprised that GW Legal is on this? I’m sure not.


Not really truth be told. What would you think if it was cd’s or dvd’s. Same issue really.


My opinions of GW legal and GW in general have taken a hit over the last few years after having been caught in their crossfire.

Not duplicating minis mine you, but the ridiculously large brush that they paint is frustrating to say the least.


An update is probably needed - I’ve been in contact with the legal department and have been told I’ll get my shipping refunded through them, as well as some models for my time and letting them keep the fake ones.

I also just won my paypal case, so pretty happy. Now I just have to wait for the models to touch down in the U.K.


Hashut’s Blessing:

Very glad to ehar that it was all sorted out and you essentially got free models too!