[Archive] WTB : Curly Bearded Slavin' Folk


Hi all,

Looking to expand my CD army yet again without paying out the nose for it all (that whole having to eat and pay taxes, you know how it is).
Probably a small chance but i thought if there was anywhere that was worth a try, it would be here.

Looking for:-
11xMetal Warriors (Big hats)
1xCD Lord (The leaner)
2xCommand models (Drummer and Standard bearer 2 -http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/wiki/index.php/Image:Standard_Bearer_2.JPG)
Any bull centaurs at all (including Hthark)
2xHobgob command (full)
2x Bloodbowl CD Blockers

Have to trade:-
14x Dark Elf Warriors
15x High Elf Bowmen
16x High Elf Spearmen
1x Dark Elf Chariot
1x Dark Elf w/skull staff
1x Teclis
1x Tyrion
1x High Elf hero on foot
(also cash)
Thanks for looking


How many bull centaurs were you looking for?


As many as i can get (about 9 or so) but ill take dribs and drabs.