[Archive] WTB: Tenderiser Axle


Very long shot, but:

I’ve just received a Chaos Dwarf Tenderiser in the mail, which I now discover has a broken wheel and axle (this was not mentioned by the seller) :frowning: So, I’m searching for a replacement axle (pictured in the link below on the left; ‘Ratcheted Axle’).

I know that my chances of finding one are slim, but on the off chance that someone has an incomplete Tenderiser, or just a random piece in a bits box, I thought it was worth asking :slight_smile:

Cheers guys :cheers


Da Crusha:

how broken is the axle and wheel? if the axle has been severed I would just replace the rod by cutting it off and drilling the gears. one problem I had with my tenderiser is that in order to get it to work correctly I had to pinch the hole on the back of the mace and hammer with some needle nose pliers. before I pinched it a bit they would fall on top of each other alot and prevent it from working correctly. if you post a pic I might be able to help you fix it if you cant find a replacement.


Thanks Crusha.

The wheel has broken away with the part of the axle that protrudes beyond the cart (severed under the arch/bracket), so yes, drilling it out would work if I could do it well (no experience with that sort of thing). Of course I would like to have it in original condition, so finding a replacement is preferable (unlikely as it may be).

Thanks again for the advise. I will get in touch if (when?) my search fails :cheers

Da Crusha:

ok, no problem vegetto.

Pyro Stick:

Im been after a tenderiser axle for ages and so far no luck so i dont think anyone on the forums has one spare. I would just keep an eye out on ebay for one.