[Archive] WTS/WTT Magmacannon & Daemonsmiths


So… just checked my bank account… couldent figure out why some money was missing… a little checking, and turns out i put 2 of each item on my forgeworld order (idk if it was FW or me, both are possible, either way, at this point it is to far for FW to fix)

so… anyone interested in buying a 3 pack of daemonsmiths and/or a magma cannon? would be less hassle by far than paying to ship back to the UK (i am in the US).

wouldent be looking to cut a huge deal on the price if someone was wanting to buy, but ill cover shipping.

for trades… what ya got? Ive just started building up CD, and frankly, need a lot of stuff :stuck_out_tongue:
(and just tossin this out there, in case this is of noticed/of intrest to the right people. ive seen some home-castings done here of some really nice CD torso/heads, would absolutely be interested in something like that)

post here, or PM me if interested. not sure exactly when the FW stuff is getting here, so no rush.


Im interested. PM Sent.


Me too if you still need to sell


Ill send out PMs to interested people when the models arive.


PM sent to Zig, along with the following:

finally got the FW order today, but in good conscience, need to let you know something before we complete a trade. apparently the package didnt get the best treatment, both magma cannons have a number of broken (snaped) parts, unfortunately, all on small fiddly bits like valves.

daemonsmiths look good.
he has first dibs if still interested, will PM anyone else still interested if not.