[Archive] WTT 3rd Edition CD for Bighats


Since Im not that big a fan of the 3rd edition models ive decided to put them up for trade since some of you guys are much more into them than me and tbh I find its silly that I have them when some of you want them so badly. Problem is I cant fidn the page with the names of the 3rd edition models so if anyone would be so kind as to post a link Id be very happy since I wcould then update the post with the correct names of the minis. I have around 5 ordinary models not counting the complete mortar and Bazooka.

With the Help of Pyro I can now tell what minis I have.

Sword 2 2nd pic (this model is missing its sword though)

Sword 5 3rd Pic

Axe 12 3rd pic

Mortar (Complete set)

Bazooka (Complete set)

I am fairly certain I have more lying about so Ill keep you posted.

What I am interested in for trade is more or less any metal bighat model apart from the blunderbusses. More specifically I am talking about (mainly):

Metal Chaos Dwarf Warriors w Great axes

Sorceror (Not Astragoth as I already own him)

Any and all hero and champion models

Bull Centaurs

And of course the Big Hat Warriors from Warhammer Quest (I am aware that these are quite rare) .

I am also looking badly for Hobgobs on foot.

I am not interested in getting a huge amount of models for these, really just some of the stuff I need. So shoot me an offer :slight_smile:

- Tallhat

Pyro Stick:

Hopefully these will help you find out what you own. If you have any from the last pic i will happily buy them from you as i have nothing to trade.