[Archive] Wulfric chosen homeless of chaos?


So a funny thing happened today. Iwas at my local gaming store playing warhammer when my buddy Rod starts talking to me about how badass Wulfric is. No too impressed he hands me his WOC to hammer home his point. I read Wulfric’s rules and then his fluff and it dawns on me.

I tell Rod right away what I think and say: “Dude this guy’s a bum!”

To which Rod replies: "No he’s no. He can deploy off an ememy table edge with his unit and he can…"

I interupt Rod and say: "Rod, you don’t get what I’m saying. This guy looks like a homeless Chaos warrior and his fluff matches it."

Rod laughes at the idea and then it hits me. I gotta make a model of Wulfric the homeless. We talk about it a while and agree that the model already has the look, as Wulfric is way too over detailed looking like he’s kept every single thing he’s every found in the Warhammer world. What he is missing though was a shopping cart, which no sensible homelss person is without.

So I buy a model right away and set to converting and painting. And In just a couple of hours I’m done. Here he is, Wulfric chosen Hobo of chaos.


I do plan on adding more stuff to the base, like a white dwarf magaine. I also pla on putting more stuff in the shopping cart and placing some empty beer bottles on the base. Ultimately, I going cram the base with as much crap as I can. It’s only fitting for the first chosen chaos hobo.


In Toowong, a suburb of Brisbane, Australia, there was/is a homeless man called “Ziggy the bag man”, or “The bag man”, or “ziggy bag dust”. He has a varied collection of bags, thus his Alias.

Some history about Ziggy, he’s of Eastern European background, was fairly well of before his bag fetish. Boys from one of my rival schools (we were Catholic, they were Anglican, both private schools) used to throw deodorant cans and the like at him. On cold winter nights he would pile his bags up like an igloo.

Ziggy has looks more like Gandolf the Grey. if you google “ziggy the bag man” you may be able to find a photo of him. You should model a character after him, and do a “hobos” of chaos themed force (1000 points?) Mount him on a big pile of bags and count it as a daemonic mount or something (bag golem?).

Have marauder looking models with their swindles (the hanky at the end of a stick).

Put hobos in shopping carts and class them as various cavalry model’s (1 homeless person in the cart, with one person pushing it.

This should probably count as a Nurgle army, seeing as the homeless generally have poor personal hygiene.

Alternatively, have a model designed after the bum hunter (youtube it, it’s pretty funny, unless you are the type of person who is offended by unlawful imprisonment and kidnapping)

Ishkur Cinderhat:

OMG, poor Wulfric does not deserve this! :frowning: But the conversion is nice, I’ll give you that. ^^



Some of the funny homeless similarities that Wulfric shares with most homless.

Point 1. Most homelss people are alcoholics and or addicted to substances

Wulfric starts his journey to chaos glory with drinking too much.Point 2. Most homeless people suffer from psychiatric disorders.  The most prominent of which is a disease called schizophrenia, characterized by seeing and hearing things that are not there.  They also make up and speaking in their own invented languages. Of the Schizonphrenias the most severe types are classified as paranoid schizophrenics.  These types have violent tendencies and are also extremely likely to be homeless.

Our boy Wulfric sees and hears things that are not there as well as speaks in his own specially made up language.  Hell, he even has a special rules for it called the "Gift of Tongues."

Point 3.  Homeless people carry their belongings with them because they have no home.

Wulfric does this too!  Sure he says that he is collecting trophies, but come on, How many do you have to have.  

Point 4.  The WOC book says he is homeless!

Only the chaos gods would try to make a life of homelessness sound like a gift, too bad that is not on the eye of the gods table.


This guy is not just homeless, he’s the poster boy for homelessness.


awsome job

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That is a hilarious and point well made. Excellent conversion!

Kera foehunter:

lol i like his shopping cart !!! where is his bottle of mad dog 20 /20

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Hah brillient just brillient such a great looking modal and a good story to match