[Archive] Xander & Vexxus Combo Conversion -- Earthshaker


Here is a completely unauthorized sneak peak at the second Earthshaker for Xander’s CD’s! We jointly worked on this convert, and Xander has kindly extended the offer to me to paint it up!

A few odds and ends to finish up, and chain will be added post-painting.



Accept my insignificant congratulations.

Love the shell.

Can wait to see it painted.


it’s a beauty


@Ashur: Thanks! Nobody here is insignificant (as long as they are registered haha). Oh, and the shell, ALLLLL Xander!

@Asheira: You’re my boy blue!


WOW! Now thats an earth shaker.


nice veins! :wink: looks like it was challenging. good work Vex… aaaaaaand Xander (I guess…)


Looking mighty fine.

Siegeshakers ftw!


WOW Holy …
I have never seen anything like it!!!
Come on man, now you too are dangerous - like a two man army, when modelling :o I see, most of you do not stand too much a chance against that… :wink:

Love that conversion, I can’twait to see it painted :slight_smile:

Cheers mates :cheers


xander, do yo have anymore seige kits? just you are making me want that cnnon, alot and alot and alot:)

now vexxus, are you as slow a worker as your partner (kidding, sorry master don’t kill me) or are we gonna se it painted soon


very nice


Lovely piece of work :hat off

And the earth shall quake before you :smiley:


now vexxus, are you as slow a worker as your partner (kidding, sorry master don't kill me) or are we gonna se it painted soon

Typically I am faster when motivated I think, but often my motivation is dependent on a certain someone painting beside me ;)

I am as excited as many of you about this convert, and it is almost sure to be the next thing on my list to paint, although recent developments in both hobgoblins and black orcs also have me tempted!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Whoa, now if that baby doesn’t scare your opponents…! :o

Nice touch with the veins. So it’s going to be more the organic look of the Hellcannon in the end?

Lord Archaon:

Wow, it’s awesome.

But i think you forgot about mold lines.:wink:

Grongi Blackbeard:

omygod! their gonna shoot… a bighat!


Nice! I love the references to the old model


its certainly a daemonic war engine.

i love the guys carrying the shell on a platter, very old school :wink:

its amazing what teamwork will accomplish!

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

definetly chaos. It’s awesome. Especcially the crew. The skulls on the front are awesome too. :cheers :cheers:):hat off

Knight Of Awsome:

What are the metal wheels on the earthshaker, i think they would be perfect for the earthshaker I’m making.


Does your hearthshaker have a tongue ?