[Archive] Xander's Black Orcs!


In an effort to complete some of my really ancient Orc and Goblin army that Vexxus and I share, I painted up this unit of 25 Black Orcs last week. :slight_smile:

Also usable in my Chaos Dwarf army. :smiley:


very nice. I particularly love the guy with the crossed arms.


Looking awesome - they are one if the hardest units ever to rank up


The champion is a real badass


Very nice!

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Nice crisp paint job, well done. I really must get hold of that boss model someday, it must have been fun to paint.


Nice Black Orcs, will have to speed up painting mine.


great unit, Don’t know what the drums made off to take the punishment from those drumsticks

Glimpse the Void:

They look good, but black orcs still make me nervous ever since the uprising…


Great looking unit!

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great looking unit. The champ is really bad ass, isn’t it a Games day special edition miniature?

The only thing I dislike is red. I love it brighter, it would add contrast to the rest of the unit.


Thanks for all the comments guys! :smiley:

The champion is a special edition model, yeah. He’s pretty cool. :stuck_out_tongue: I pretty much speed-painted this unit, so I am glad it turned out as nice as it did.


Shame you can’t field them with your chaos dwarfs. I miss Blorcs.